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How To Remove A Temporary Tattoo


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From the time we emerge from our mother’s womb, we are engaged in the active process of change. As human beings we evolve throughout our lives. Aside from the obvious physical changes that occur, fashion sense, hairstyle, taste, and ideology all change over time. Rarely anything remains a permanent fixture. For this I am grateful because otherwise, right now, I would probably be writing this wearing a mullet listening to Leif Garrett (no offense Leif). One thing, however, that does tend to be permanent is a tattoo. Sure it feels right at the moment, but how will that future spouse feel about the name of your old flame branding a part of your body?

An alternative to this life-long commitment is a temporary tattoo. To be clear, I am not talking about the old school temporary tattoos that are found in the kiddy isle at the local grocery store or vending machines. No, I am referring to beautiful and unique creations of art that you can change out with your moods, outfits, and activities. Whether it is a symbol, an inspiring message, affirmation or quote, offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly tattoos at reasonable prices. You can shower with them and are resistant to most soaps. However, it is recommended that you do not scrub the artwork to ensure that it lasts the intended 3-5 days.

When it comes time for removal of the art, you may wonder how to remove a temporary tattoo. Well, it is not as difficult as you may think. Push away those thoughts from past days when remnants of the store bought tattoo would remain on your body for days until the particles would finally break down and be washed away from your skin. This lacks a certain level of ability to control the situation by the owner of said body. With Conscious Ink temporary tattoos you are in control. The only difficulty that you may run across is saying goodbye to your art. But not to fret, you can have another original piece waiting to be positioned at the location of your choice (as long as it is a clean, dry surface). 

To learn how to remove a temporary tattoo you will need one of three safe and inexpensive household products: rubbing alcohol, mineral or baby oil, or transparent household tape. Using a cotton ball, washcloth or anything along those lines, apply the oil or alcohol to the tattooed area and wipe away. Of course, if using the tape just apply the tape sticky side down on the tattoo and pull off (similar to waxing minus the pain). Voila! You are ready to repaint the canvas. 

So, when you are ready to display body art that represents your current state of mind, beliefs, or inspiring and empowering messages, take a look at Conscious Ink. Their eclectic beautiful pieces will capture the essence of who you are at this very moment as well as whom you aspire to be in the future.