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Wear your Conscious Ink in Good Conscience.
At Conscious Ink, we're quite serious about making the world a better a light-hearted way.. When we set out designing our Manifestation Tattoos and Greeting Cards, we knew we had to consider how to produce our inspiring tattoos in the most conscious way. Each of our beautiful temporary tattoos are made with a specific intention. And mindfully, each tattoo speaks a special and unique message. Although they are not permanent, we wanted to offer long-lasting temporary tattoos so the wearer could receive the maximum benefit from their chosen intention! 
So just what makes a long-lasting temporary tattoo? Well, a few things. We utilize the highest quality printing available and meticulously design our tattoos with wear in mind. We bold the fonts and test the colors that simply last longer. It is also important to know that you can do your part to make the tattoo last longer. The body placement, skin type and whether the user wears lotions impact the length of wear. By following our tips, your tattoo can easily last up to a week, sometimes even longer. If for some reason you find your temporary tattoo is lasting a little too long, the tattoos can be quickly and easily removed with baby oil, rubbing alcohol or household tape. 
Application Tips
The tattoo should be placed on the body in a place where it won’t be disturbed too often by pesky rubbing or excessive sweat. A great place for your first tattoo is right on your forearm wear it can be seen often.
Oils and lotions are great, but just not before applying our tattoos! The tattoo will adhere better to skin that is clean and dry, and not oily. Shower and wash as normal with soap, but just be careful not to scrub the tattoo directly.
It should be expected that a product aimed at raising consciousness is also designed and produced in the same conscious manner. We’ve taken the time to bring you not only a socially conscious product, but an environmentally-conscious product as well! Sweet huh!? After all, we want you to rock your Conscious Ink tattoo guessed it...a good conscience.
But what does that exactly mean...rocking your tat with good conscience? Besides manufacturing our tattoos domestically to reduce our carbon footprint, it means our packaging is designed with mother earth in mind. The majority of our "plastic" isn't plastic at all. It's made from plants and is compostable. Our greeting card paper is 100% post consumer recycled. Our tattoos are non-toxic and FDA approved. Beside reducing our footprint, we are seeking to raise awareness and consciousness throughout the world with our long-lasting temporary tattoo designs. The longer our tattoos last, the more consciousness gets raised. Choose your favorite designs and join our mission!
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