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6 Ways to Customize Your Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoo!


Creativity is highly encouraged where we come from! And it’s clear our Conscious Ink fans are cut from the same cloth. During the past year we’ve seen you committed to our mission of raising consciousness around the world, but we had no idea how creative you would be while doing it! Bravo Conscious Inkers! Now, we are excited to share some of these great ideas with you. We hope that after seeing some of these ideas you find your own inspiration and way to customize your own Conscious Ink temporary tattoo. After all, we are all unique…so let’s make our temporary tattoos an extension of that!



This idea comes to us from one of our fans in Costa Rica. After applying a temporary tattoo from our Sanskrit Series on her arm, she decided she needed a little more.... sparkle. She lightly applied some body glitter right after applying her tattoo and now her tattoo is really shining in that warm Costa Rican sun! Check out the before and after pics. Shine on Cristine!

sanskrit temporary tattoos



We all know that two is better than one and by pairing two of our temporary tattoos you are able to send out your own unique message to the world! And isn’t that what life is all about? The Mayor or Blississippi, Frank Gjata is on a Bliss mission! So he chose “Trust/Bliss” to inspire others to join the bliss movement!

truth bliss temporary tattoos

If you haven’t been to Blississppi yet yourself, you should go! Here’s a one-way ticket...on us. (

Other ideas include, “I AM”/ “Love”, “Peace” /“Do It Now” “I am divine”/“Truth”...The possibilities are endless!




We originally designed our Simple and Bold Series with one of the empowering words facing you, while the other word tattoo faces the world. Well, Avalon decided she wanted to double her fun and make her temporary tattoos last a bit longer by cutting them in half. Check out what she created here! Nice work being a warrior for “Peace” and “Love” Avalon!


love peace temporary tattoos

Our Oversized Simple and Bold Series is just waiting for someone to customize a tat with all those large beautiful letters...take COURAGE and you can create CURE, CARE or GRACE! Wonder what we will see next...




Repetition is the key to success in many areas of life and our Positive Affirmation Series was created to be repeated often throughout the day. Check out what actress, Jennifer Mather from Los Angeles created with her “Love Unconditionally” temporary tattoo!! Show the world what your personal affirmation is and you will undoubtedly receive that which you project. 

love unconditionally temporary tattoos


#5 SOAK UP SOME SUN- Tan Lines are Cool! 

This little idea came about quite unexpectedly while one of our fans was on a yoga retreat with Jennifer Pastiloff in Mexico. Little did she know that when her “OM” temporary tattoo wore off she would have a beautiful tan line! How cool is that?!?


om temporary tattoos


#6 Smooth Surface Application.

Did you know that our temporary tattoos aren’t just for the body. Tattoos can be placed on many smooth surfaces. Here, at Conscious Ink headquarters. we have our tats everywhere from our car windshields to our refrigerators doors. Wonder where our temporary tattoos will show up next? 



















The variety of ways in which you can wear you Conscious Ink Manifestation tattoos is just one of the things that makes our temporary tattoos just so darn fun! So what are you waiting for? Grab a few Conscious Ink temporary tattoos and start creating! We can’t wait to see what our growing legions of Conscious Inkers come up with next! We would love to include the unique way in which you are using your new Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoos! Please send us your ideas with an image to: