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Trust the Journey  - Perspective and Presence

Change Your Perspective, Enhance Your Presence.

A couple suggestions on how to change your perspective and also enhance your level of presence.

Here’s a scenario. You’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee or tea or taking a nice evening stroll. All is well in the present moment. But then you have a worrying thought about finances or something…something that may or may not happen in the future. And you notice that this imaginative thought you have about the future completely ruins the present moment…which is actually real. Your presence at the moment has now been compromised. Well, that’s not very cool!  
The truth is we may think we know what will happen in the future, but we really don’t. Anything can happen, anytime. Things we haven’t even imagined. Here's what we do know, however. Presence in each moment is key to the quality of our human connections. Something that increases the quality of our lives. So, what can we do? We can change how we look at things. We can change our perspective.

"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure."

William Feather

Here are a couple of suggestions. The first one you’re probably familiar with:


1.) When you notice an interrupting thought about the future, simply take a deep breath, and let it pass. Then recommit to the present moment, and continue with your day.  Presence restored.


2.) Whenever you notice a thought about something in the future that may or may not happen, instead of thinking of it as surely “bad” or “good", think of the future as an…adventure! Because, as we very well know, an event that we label surely as bad, may end up being an unexpected blessing. And an event that we label surely as “good” may be short-lived or could turn into something different than we anticipated. (Not sure what I mean? Just Google stories of Lottery winners).

So, instead of labeling a thought about the future as good or bad, and allowing it to affect your presence, think of it as an adventure. Because, well, anything, and everything, can be considered an adventure. Our entire life is an adventure. So, why lie to ourselves, pretending that we know what the future holds? Let’s tell the truth...and accept the adventure of it all - and preserve our presence!
Try it on right now, if you’re up for it. Think of a worrying thought about the future at this moment. As you feel into the worrying scenario, notice yourself perhaps stop breathing, feeling anxious, or sick in your stomach. And notice how you begin to disconnect from your present moment.
Now, think of that thought as an adventure instead. 
Adventure Daringly Temporary Tattoo
Image from Conscious Ink Website​​
Really feel into the adventure of it. You may have a thought come up that the “unknown" is scary. If so, remember that all possibilities live in the unknown. And, we like possibilities. So, bask in that for a moment. No matter what happens, it will be an adventure. Notice your body when you think of adventure and possibilities. Does that feel exciting?  
If you still feel anxious, take some more full, deep breaths. Someone once said that fear is excitement without a breath. So, let’s not skimp here. Enjoy some full, deep breaths…and let the excitement within you...bubble up...and fuel your day, your presence in what's happening right now, and your next adventure. 

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Such a great message! Thank you! I appreciate the practical tips on how to deal with worrisome thoughts.

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