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"How to Apply & Manifest" Video!


Each Conscious Ink Manifestation Tattoo has been purposefully created to empower you on your personal journey. The steps below will help you get the most out of your Conscious Ink. Happy manifesting! This video also shows how to apply! 

Step One: Prepare

Your body is a work of art. Let’s prepare the canvas. Be sure your skin is clean, dry and oil/lotion free. To increase the longevity of your Conscious Ink, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a little rubbing alcohol to clean/prep the skin area first, especially if you have oily skin or use lotion regularly. Lotion can actually be used to remove the tattoo! Do not apply Conscious Ink on skin that is sweaty or hot from a workout, like after a hot yoga class. Tattoos won’t adhere properly. Wait for the skin to cool down before applying.

Step Two: Set

Select an area on your body that doesn’t get too much wear & tear (or that can be rubbed by jewelry). The upper wrist/forearm is a perfect spot, but not too close to the wrist crease. We don’t recommend placing on hands or feet for long-term wear. You can shower and wash normally. Most soaps do not impact your tattoo. Have fun and get creative. Don’t forget you can combine tattoo messages!

Step Three: Manifest

Patience is a virtue for a reason :-). Take your time here. Remove transparent cover. Place your Conscious Ink face down on your skin and soak with a wet paper towel, cloth or sponge. Soak thoroughly all the way to the edges! Wait at least 30 seconds. During this time, you can focus on what you'd like to see manifest in your life. That’s it. Your Conscious Ink and intention have been set! If you notice any stickiness around the tattoo after application, this is normal. It’s just excessive adhesive that you can gently wash off with soap and water. You can also apply a little baby powder on the tattoo if you ever find your tattoo sticky. After initial application, your Conscious Ink may appear a bit shiny. This wears off naturally within a few hours. A dash of baby powder will also remove any sheen. Also, please understand, that natural wear occurs throughout the life of your Conscious Ink...that means as time goes on, there may be some fading and little chipping here and there, where some skin may show through eventually. This is normal. We painstakingly design our tattoos for longer wear, and continuously improve them at each reprint, taking into account thickness of the lines, along with legibility of the message. Enjoy...and happy manifesting to you!


Removing your Conscious Ink is easy. Use household tape, baby oil, rubbing alcohol, or hand sanitizer. Your ink may be physically gone, but its impact will remain.