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Manifestation Tees & Tanks

Do you love our Tees? They love you. 

They really do. You see, these are no ordinary tees…not only in the thoughtful ways in which they were designed and made, but in how they were purposefully and specifically created to serve you, and all of humankind, really. Since, as we raise our consciousness, we uplift the entire world. Hence, their name: The Manifestation Tee.

Big aspirations for a tee? Perhaps. But it would tell you, “BRING IT ON” (you know, if it could talk). Each Manifestation Tee features an empowering Conscious Ink word, symbol or phrase that will empower you throughout your day. We include our "Set A Conscious Intention" worksheet with every tee, inviting you to make an intention upon wearing. So every time you put it on, and every time you look in the mirror, you’ll be reminded of your intention. And if you choose to get some matching Conscious Ink, there will be no stopping your empowered self!

What's more, anyone else who sees your inspiring tee as you go about your day, will no doubt be grateful to see a message they may need in that moment...a welcomed sign from the universe perhaps? After all, couldn’t we all use a little boost and good vibes during our day?