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Choosing Love Over Fear

Choosing Love Over Fear

(Even if fear gets really scared, or mad.)
If, at any moment, something doesn’t feel right deep inside you with what you’re about to say, or do, ask yourself if you would be acting out of fear.
If so, ask yourself what might you be afraid of?
Name it.
Then wonder about how that fear may feel familiar to you? When were you first aware of this fear?
Invite some compassion for yourself. Can you see how that fear may have been trying to keep you safe in some way at that time?
Now, ask yourself, if acting upon that fear TODAY would REALLY keep you safe, or if it would actually feel more like a betrayal…a betrayal against yourself?
If you were instead to speak, or act, out of love...self love...what would that look like? How would that feel in your body (underneath the surface of fear you may also experience)?
Try it now. The next thing you speak, or do, act out of love. 
Then again. And again.
Whenever you may feel lost, let love lead the way. No App needed.
Frank Gjata
Founder, Conscious Ink

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