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Ever wonder why it's so hard to change self-defeating behaviors and patterns?

One of the reasons our conscious intentions don't stick is that we have a contradictory SUBCONSCIOUS belief or commitment that blocks our conscious desires. These blocks often come in the form of old beliefs or energetic patterns that we don't even realize are at play.

One way to identify a deep rooted subconscious belief or pattern is to notice a familiar theme, or feeling you're used to having, in your life, like, "nobody notices me", "I'm not appreciated", "I'm not good enough", "I'm unlovable". We will actually subconsciously create our reality to match our beliefs! And until we unhook these old beliefs, our conscious intentions will have no chance. 

Once you identify one of these subconscious beliefs/patterns, ask yourself what actions and behaviors support this belief or pattern. For example, “nobody notices me” could be supported by you not sharing yourself, or your feelings, with others. Most likely, you took on this behavior because at a certain point in your life, it wasn’t safe to do so. This behavior actually is what kept you safe at that time, and that is why “your system” employed that behavior in the first place.

Well, what kept you safe back THEN is what is causing you pain and suffering NOW. Have compassion for yourself! Those old behaviors have been hard wired subconsciously for what felt like would be needed for your survival as processed in your very primitive, yet very convincing, reptilian brain.

So, what now? Identify your true conscious desire. Perhaps, in the example above, it would be something like, “I want to be seen”. Then ask yourself what new actions and behaviors would support this new conscious desire…things like, “I'm willing to be seen”, "I share my feelings”, “I express my truth” with those people it would feel safe to do so, etc. You get the idea. 

Once you employ these new aligned actions/behaviors with your true desire/new commitment, you will override your old patterning, and start experiencing, your true desire, and outcomes. Your reality now will literally reflect your desire. Your entire world will look and feel different. You’ll be amazed!

Happy manifesting to you!

Frank Gjata

Founder, Conscious Ink

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