Enjoy Presence. Open Up Peace, Love, and Gratitude. – Conscious Ink
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Enjoy Presence. Open Up Peace, Love, and Gratitude.

Enjoy Presence. Open Up Peace, Love, and Gratitude.

Enjoy Presence. 

Open Up Peace,

Love, and Gratitude.

By Frank Gjata,

Founder Conscious Ink


Who doesn’t feel grateful when receiving presents?

Funny thing is…simply receiving our own presence (at any moment) will automatically leads us to feeling gratitude, genuine, deep gratitude.

From my experience, and research, our actual default state of being, as living, breathing beings, are the feelings of peace, love, and gratitude. These DEFAULT feelings were originally programmed into us by the manufacturer!

Nothing to do. Nothing to create. Nothing to do...to deserve.  

Just be. 

So, this means that when we’re not feeling this almost indescribable, beautiful combination of peace, love, and gratitude, WE are blocking it.

We humans do this ‘blocking” in a myriad of creative human ways, like being distracted, getting defensive, feeling unworthy, people pleasing…you name it. 

Ultimately, all those behaviors are different forms of fear.

Now, interestingly enough, when we simply “be” with any of these forms of fear, we’re back to authentic "being” again! Woot!

Meaning…being with our anxiety, fear, anger, or anything we’re feeling in the moment, brings us back home, to our default feelings…of peace, love, and gratitude.

This is fantastic news!

It’s a genius, and gracious, feature built into each of us, that sadly most of us don’t realize, and some may have never experienced.

So, who’s up for “being", right now?

If you’re up for it, let’s start.

Enjoy a few, deep long breaths, in and out. 

Close your eyes, if it is safe to do so.

Then just “be” with yourself. Be with whatever comes up.

If a thought or image comes up, just be with those.  

Take your time. 

Notice any feelings that may arise, and just be with those as well. 

If you notice an intense feeling come up, notice where you feel it in your body, and be with the sensations of it.  


Invite any, and all feelings, even those you may have been afraid to acknowledge. 

Allow the feelings to move through. 

If a feeling changes, or moves to a different part of your body, follow it, like a caring, loving companion.

Follow it wherever it goes.

It cannot escape your loving presence. 

Be with yourself through this journey, gently, compassionately, until you arrive back to yourself, with a feeling of peace, love, and gratitude.

If you didn’t arrive there yet, don’t worry. Just repeat the above process at another time. It may take a few of these journeys to arrive back to ourselves.

I wish you all the presence you can imagine, and beyond.

Endless peace, love, and gratitude, to you.

Frank Gjata

Founder, Conscious Ink


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