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We all are likely familiar with the universal law of karma, which embodies the concept that whatever we put out into the world will eventually flow back to us. Today I would like to apply this notion to the state of our physical bodies. How we treat our bodies has everything to do with how our bodies treat us.

Everything that we put into our bodies, the degree to which we are receptive to the messages our bodies have for us, the overall investment that we pour into our physical wellness comes back to us in the form of vitality or sickness. 

Basically our bodies are as loyal to us as we are to them. If we nurture our bodies, fueling ourselves with healthy food, exercising in ways that feel good and getting plenty of rest, our bodies will nurture us in return. On the other hand, if we neglect to care for our bodies, we too will be neglected.   

When the topic of karma comes up, most of us will associate it with some good deed paid to another person or animal, such as helping out a friend or smiling at a stranger. However, the way we treat ourselves has a karmic return of it's own. Each day we are presented with many opportunities to either honor our bodies or to dismiss them altogether.

Let's take a moment to imagine what would happen if we were to treat our bodies with the same kindness we would reserve for a close friend. How would this transform the way in which we were to show up in the world? It is likely that we would be more vibrant, energetic individuals. 


Conscious Ink Staffer 

Amanda Brown is a wellness blogger and a member of the Conscious Ink Team at our home office in Bend, OR. She is passionate about helping people find peace with where they are at while pursuing their best, most fulfilling lives. For more of her work, you can head over to her blog at www.liminalwellness.com.

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