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Follow What You Love. It Knows What's Up.

Follow What You Love. It Knows What's Up.

Ever observe people in love?

Their love spills onto everything, right? They'll love up the store clerk. They'll love up the rainy day. They'll even love up the traffic!

And it doesn't matter what or who they're "in love" with to have this effect. They can be in love with another person. They can be in love with themselves. They can just be in love with life itself.

Where, where, where can we find this love??? Me want some too!

It's right in front of us. Well, more specifically, it's right inside of us.

All we have to do is listen, inwardly.

Listen deeply now. Let your focus cut through any noise from the mind, the old stories, the outdated beliefs.

Just listen.

Do you hear a passion..something you inherently love already?

These "loves" reside within us.

What is it? Name it. Is it a it a love...that perhaps, you've been ignoring?

You can whisper it at first, if it scares you to acknowledge it. It won't judge you. It is ultimately patient. You see, it loves you too.

When you're ready, accept this love within you. Bring it out into the light. Play with it. Dance with it. Get intimately familiar with it. 

Then follow it. Let it lead the way. Trust it.

It knows what it's doing. It knows where it's going.

Do that, and you'll soon meet its trusted, and cherished,

In love, in joy,

Frank Gjata
Founder, Conscious Ink

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