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How Are The Ol' New Year Resolutions Going?

How Are The Ol' New Year Resolutions Going?

Or have you let yours go?
If so, let's talk commitment. Or more accurately, "re-commitment".
Don't worry if you have let go of your intentions. You are in good company. Life comes at us fast. The stress. The worry. The work. The kids. The relationships. Some 80% of people fail to continue their New Year resolutions by March. 80%!
So what can we do to get back on track with our New Year's resolutions, or any intentions for that matter? Well, turns out it's actually not that complicated. 
Of course, there are some practical things that can support us as well, like having an accountability partner,  loving oneself, or starting small and building from there, to name a few. But it's an even simpler concept that can support us most...and that's the idea of "re-commitment".
In life, it's rarely a one and done situation. Remember learning to ride a bike? When we fall off, we get back on. We fall off, we get back on. And soon enough, we're riding a bike.
No need for drama. Just commitment. And re-commitment.. 
It's also helpful to be gentle with ourselves along the way, find levity in the crazy, and CELEBRATE the small wins. 
Anyone ready to re-commit to something?
We support you!
Conscious Ink

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