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Love Is Sticky.

Love Is Sticky.

(Two Tips To Make New Commitments Stick.) 

Greetings lovely peeps!

See below a couple suggestions to support and activate your intentions, any time of the year, and make them stick (no pun intended.)

TIP 1.) One vital step in materializing any new commitment is interrupting our old subconscious patterning. Meaning... things are all fine and dandy when we feel grounded, present in the moment, day dreaming about our desires, gratitude journaling, reading something inspirational, sipping green tea, etc. However, all bets are off once we fall back into our old habits and behavioral patterns.

This is exactly why Conscious Ink was created in the first place. To remind us about our intentions and commitments at times when we'd otherwise FORGET.

Couldn’t we really use reminders plastered all over our forehead?! 

Well, perhaps, but one of our Manifestation Tattoos on the wrist would be a good start :-). 

Set yourself up for success. Be sure to surround yourself with things and activities that will interrupt old patterns, along with people that will support your commitments.

TIP 2.) If just the idea of making New Year's resolutions gives you anxiety, perhaps try making a SINGLE commitment to a a powerful process instead of drafting up a long list of goals or desired outcomes.

One process commitment that will support all others: SELF LOVE!

Loving ourselves is the most effective action we can take…by leaps and bounds.

Commit to the process of self love, whatever that may look like to you. When we commit to loving ourselves in the moment over and over again, it will, paradoxically, lead to the most amazing, even unimaginable outcomes!

But do get clear on what truly feels loving to YOU. Don’t just rely on preconceived notions you may have. Really feel into it.

So when is the best time to love yourself? Right NOW, of course.

Here's to loving ourselves!

Frank GjataFounder, Conscious Ink

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