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Mindset Matters: 3 Steps For Cultivating A Mindset That Serves You

Mindset Matters: 3 Steps For Cultivating A Mindset That Serves You

Mindset (mind-set) is about where you set your mind's eye. This is what determines what you focus on and where you invest your energy. Whether you leave a breakfast diner satisfied with the conversation you had with the waitress or mulling over a piece of burnt toast all boils down to the mindset that you had walking into that situation.

Mindset matters because it dictates the way you approach any given task or situation. For instance, if you go into your work day viewing each task as an opportunity, you are bound to pursue everything that comes your way in a gung-ho fashion. This in turn will make you a magnet for grander opportunities. By contrast, fixating on the endless list of reasons fetching coffee for your boss is a waste of time, makes it unlikely that you will put forth the energy required to break into more lucrative opportunities.

Mindset can either work for you or against you, depending upon where your focus is. Here are a few steps that can help you cultivate a mindset that serves you.

1) Decide what you want

 Because mindset is about what you choose to focus on, cultivating a self-serving mindset requires that you first decide what you want to create more of in your life. 

2) Identify obstacles

Once you have an idea of what you want, identify any obstacles in your current situation that you believe hold you back from manifesting this. Let's say that you want to travel the world, but your current job requires that you clock into an office each day. Being tied to a physical location for work would be your primary obstacle.

3) Transform obstacles into opportunities

Take a look at the obstacles you listed and begin questioning them. Ask yourself,

How can I turn these obstacles into opportunities to create what I want?

For instance, if you want to travel and your obstacle is having a job that requires you stay in the same location, begin by asking questions that reveal potential opportunities within your current circumstances. Is there a way that you can earn a living and have the freedom to travel anywhere that you please? Is it possible to do this with your current job, via telecommuting? If not, could put aside money from your current job to fund your expeditions? Do you have to travel for large chunks of time, or could you utilize your weekends and vacation time to see the world? 

Asking these questions will help you to identify opportunities that could otherwise be easily overlooked. This in turn allows you to cultivate a mindset that consistently pulls you towards what you want. 

Best wishes to you crafting a mindset that serves you.


Conscious Ink Staffer 






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