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We’re so excited that our “Nevertheless she persisted” Manifestation Tattoo is supporting a new voice in…and out…of the political arena.

There is true beauty in turning negativity into positive and empowering opportunities. An off-handed comment by Senator Mitch McConoll, about Senator Elizabeth Warren, has risen to become a powerful call to action for women. In the past month, the “Nevertheless she persisted” has become our top selling Manifestation Tattoo, and we couldn’t be happier! In this great interview by Central Oregon Daily, Conscious Ink’s founder, Frank Gjata, shares that “Empowering and positive messaging brings greater opportunity to evoke change.” 

Our Manifestation Temporary Tattoos are an inspired vehicle to create a lasting positive effect on ourselves, our communities, and even, our world.  Conscious Ink. Temporary on the skin.  Indelible on the soul. 


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