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"Live Frank" Podcast! Fostering Life-Changing Moments!

"Live Frank" Podcast! Fostering Life-Changing Moments!

Life-changing moment anyone? Conscious Ink founder, Frank Gjata and "Live Frank" Podcast Host, Downtown Amanda Brown, explore how to invite life-changing shifts!

good morning good afternoon good evening wherever you are hello beautiful people my name is Amanda Brown and I am the community outreach social media maven and now podcast point guard for conscious think fun fact about me I'm from Chicago although right now I am currently in yeehaw Nashville Tennessee and I like to go by downtown am in brown or dad as Frank likes to call me because you know what I have had this same gang name for what 30 to 40 years now no spare you the details on that one but it's just boring so I like to spice it up like what we're doing today I'm old-school I'm not 90s kids so what can I say but today I am here with founder of conscious Inc Frank cotta Frank say hi hello and as you've clearly noticed we're doing something new right now we're shaking it up here at conscious Inc and so what you're watching right now for the very very first time is our first live Frank podcast whoo that is a whoohoo worthy moment people and I like to call those digital high fives by the way so wherever you are if you're in your car your living room shout it out to the rooftops that is like a digital high-five to us thank you but these podcasts are not going to be super long they may maybe go up to about 10 minutes or so we're just gonna go with the flow see how it goes they may extend longer they might be a little shorter but they're gonna be really rich in content as we'll be exploring how to live Frank as our most authentic selves and creating life shifting and changing behaviors or patterns so what's happened to Frank's transformational coaching experience we might even have a guest on the show we might even answer some questions from our audience but honestly just so you know and you'll get to know us as quirkiest Frank and I are it might go off on a tangent about coffee creamer we might share our favorite kombucha I might show up in a onesie I'm just saying it could get wacky but without further ado let's shine a little light on our founder Frank gotta talk a little bit about what he's been doing over the years so Frank has been a transformational coach for many years as well as a writer a speaker a so entrepreneur and filmmaker Frank and his work has been featured in shape magazine Yoga Journal the good news network modern meditation mantra yoga and health and also fitness magazine he's been on a lot of podcasts so who's actually on the speaker selection committee for TEDx bend and has had a short film that was accepted at the bend X the bend festival and a TV commercial he wrote in the Cannes Film Festival he's got quite a provocative video on YouTube as well right now with over 500,000 views you guys pretty amazing he also has created a number of websites like bliss asipi calm my naked guru calm three and one two three calm Hume angels calm live Frank calm as well as acknowledge is power that is a lot of website your tongue twisted me here Frank what's up with that ah cheers to you can turn that brown excited to have this podcast going it's been a long time in the works websites yes there's a lot of them they although basically do the same thing they support us in living our most vital lives by interval patterns in the moment you know and typically hopefully in a unique and fun way that's what they all do including come to think right so conversing are reminders to catch us when we may have gone in conscious into your old patterning and we see it in the moment and then we can actually make conscious shift decision to change so that's what those are all about okay so now with acknowledges power I was reading about like quote-unquote life-changing moments can you talk a little bit about that why clothing unquote those are life-changing moments man Brown yes so as a coach I was always intrigued well why would someone have a life change moment this moment but not that one and not that one and that's thinking was sparked by best-selling author gay Hendricks relationship expert him share his life-changing moment which was at age 23 he was over 300 pounds smoked two packs of cigarettes a day and in a dead-end marriage so I was just wow how did this change because now the guy's written multiple many many books and like I said is a top expert in the field of consciousness and relationships so in his moment I think it's worth sharing is that he typically got defensive you know with about his weight and where he was in his life and so he kind of would always get angry frustrated with people who called him out and in this moment that's what happened in the class of his in college somebody called him out again he just you know internalized it got angry and on his way back during a snowy icy cold day you know being all friendly and how could he this person and he had a moment where he actually for for an instant he goes well why am I so fat like he took it in he was like willing to drop the defense's for that second and in that moment he slips falls backwards hit his head and it's like out for a moment and all these answers started coming in just in that instance of him being willing to get really asked this this moment asked this question and after that things naturally started shifting he got the answers of why he was carrying all that weight and then within a year he was losing weight like every month like pounds of pounds within a year he was handed 170 he basically just kept that way the entire time for last 50 years and you want to succeed and this thing started to shift naturally started just eating things that he never did before we started eating berries just just stuff this is actually the concept that bliss asipi as well which is once we you know become authentic and are willing to shed these old habits things will start naturally happy so we don't have to do all this work to make shifts happen they wouldn't have to happen as gave story of conveys and shows it's an example um so so then I was I was wanting to incorporate these what I call the meridians - life-changing moments there's there's nothing like earth-shattering we know them all there are things like in cases instance was dropping our defenses being willing to hear and acknowledge the truth surrendering gaining humble being open to learning getting curious taking a breath so we can create an environment for those shifts to happen and that's what I really wanted to do in every session of my coaching sessions wai-wai-wait like let's just get into it let's incorporate those ingredients and let's let's have a moment now and you know the most powerful that I found was being willing that's back to acknowledges power is being willing to acknowledge our truth in the moment as a surefire way to to get to a shift in our lives one thing I noticed white is that why is that so powerful and on a balance power talk about five reasons why connecting really have sets for you one is that once we're willing to acknowledge any truth we're connected to all truth so if you envision that you know dipping your toe into a stream in the mountain you're connected to all the water one that's all connected to the vast oceans so dipping your toe into the stream connects you to all waterways in the same way that connecting to any truth connects you to all truth when connected to all truth there's synaptic stuff that can happen there you know we hear about these ideas and notions that we want to implement into our lives but having an illustration like that just really helps myself I know and I'm sure the viewers to just really process that butter and it resonates where I can now feel like I can apply that so thank you for that breakdown yeah there's other things too with regard to why technology to the moment so powerful one is you're practicing unconditional love and acceptance toward yourself being willing to be seen by yourself it's also another magical ingredient we tend you know a lot of times we're on this positivity well I don't want to acknowledge anything that is perceived as negative right and so they can keep these abilities opportunities to shift at bay i guaranteed willing to acknowledge whatever truth that you have will lead you to peace and freedom if we're willing to you know hang on for the right so that's another reason the universe revolves around truth so when you get back to once you're connecting your truth you've got the whole power of the universe at your back and so ya muted by magic and seek initiatives in anything that is observed you know we know some quantum physics is automatically changed it goes back to observing yourself with love and compassion and understanding so that also is is at work our bodies or you know we are set up for truth this is why when people lie that our bodies it's like a trap prisoner its warning to get out and that's why there's all these cues you know if you understand body language it's safe it's soni to tell you the truth even if you're trying to keep it it wants out incident so that's that's one of the most powerful ingredients to creating a life-changing moment that's some great stuff thank you so much because again I can't I cannot reiterate how much just in this moment with you and he and I Frank and I as you guys will find out we have conversations of course outside of this and as we work and we oftentimes digging deep into this kind of stuff and I often because Frank has been in this room for so long he knows it and I think a lot of us are kind of just coming into it and really want to absorb it and when you are able to really just I say this a million times break it down the way you do it just helps so much so this is some great stuff here this is really kind of a preview of what's to come you know I think we're just about out of time here but we'd like to thank all the viewers who have tuned in today we're really excited about these podcasts and interacting more with with our people our followers fans customers so with that everyone have a wonderful wonderful day be in your bliss don't forget to live Frank see you Frank see you later bye

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