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Struggling? How About A Magical Solution?

Struggling? How About A Magical Solution?

"One Large Cup Of Magic, Please. How Much Will That be?

"Just Some Truth & Authenticity. And I'll Have That Right Out To You."


Wouldn’t it be nice to order up some magic at will? If things could magically fall into place, instead of always trying so hard, efforting, forcing, and feeling like everything is an uphill battle?

Doesn’t that just sound Ah-mazing?? 

It is! And the key is to get the universe on our side, the ultimate Sorcerer! 

I’m sure that sounds all fine and dandy, but how do we go about doing that?!

Well, one surefire way to get in sync with the universe is to step into truth and authenticity. In these energies, the universe is putty in our hands, and shows up eagerly and instantaneously, ready to please, with its mind blowing magical ways!

You see, the universe revolves around truth and authenticity. It knows no other way. And when we don’t show up authentically, we miss the bus to the Magic Kingdom. Sad. So, let’s make sure we catch that bus!

Here’s one simple, fun experiment you can practice conjuring up some magic, by stepping into truth, and your authentic desire:

Next time, you and a friend, spouse, or partner, are trying to decide where to grab a bite, take a moment, and REALLY feel into what would sound delicious to YOU. Simply. Plainly. Authentically. 

Let go of some potential old patterns, like, perhaps being a people pleaser...going along with what you think someone else wants. Or starting to compromise before even landing on what you want! Or overthinking it. Or filtering your true desire. Or judging what you really want. Or thinking “practically”. Or thinking that in order to get your way, you'll need to really force it.

Something seemingly so simple like deciding what you want for dinner can suddenly get very complicated, overwhelming, and anxiety-producing!

No wonder the universe runs for the hills!

You, and your partner, will need to let go of your old tendencies, beliefs, and patterns to invite magic in.

Each of you will need to land on what YOU REALLY WANT...FULLY, CLEARLY, AND UNABASHEDLY. 

Even this first task of knowing what you desire for dinner may seem so simple and easy, but it can be very difficult for some people.

Once you have landed on something that feels fully authentic within you, share that with one another, without the other’s influence.  

(You may already be jumping to an old belief...thinking that there is no way this is going to work out…both people are going to want something completely different! And you might envision a power struggle, or even a fight about it, especially if that’s something you routinely experience.)

Here’s where the magic comes in. And it may surprise you completely...but if you wholeheartedly follow the above steps …a solution will magically appear!

It’s typically something that you would have never predicted. It might be that once you each hear what the other one desires, that you genuinely change your mind…the thing that they are wanting now even sounds more delicious to you than what you initially thought! Or the other way around.

Or perhaps, a new idea altogether surprisingly comes to mind, like staying in, and cooking together the two meals you wanted. Or some other meal entirely pops into your heads. 

Or maybe, you know of a restaurant that serves both of the items you are desiring.

Or some other magical, “non linear” solution.

The key is to be authentic and truthful. Then magic will be invoked! 

Often, we don’t get to experience magic unfolding because we have old beliefs that prevent it from showing the common belief that there’s no way a solution will appear because you can’t see it, or think of it. And with that, one stops magic in its tracks.

You have to be willing to let go, trust, be authentic, and step into the unknown…where magic lives.

Magic cannot exist in “the known”. 

So, go for it. Jump into the unknown...the realm of all possibilities.

With practice, you'll soon become a permanent resident in the Magical Kingdom. 

Have fun! 

Frank Gjata

Founder, Conscious Ink

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