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"Go Ahead. Talk To Your Self... Your Higher Self. (You're Always There, Waiting.)"

"Go Ahead. Talk To Your Self... Your Higher Self. (You're Always There, Waiting.)"

According to the law of thermodynamics (fancy, right?), energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred or changed from one form to another. One interpretation of how energy cannot be destroyed is why we feel so moved in the presence of art, like a beautiful painting, or exquisite architecture. The energy…this “essence" energy…from which the beautiful art was created...is still in it, no matter if 100 or 500 years have passed!

Okay, fine, crazy science boy, but what does this law of thermodynamics have to do with Conscious Ink?

Fair question, fair maiden, or sire. So here’s the answer: The energy…your essence energy…that is present when you make an intention, or commitment, cannot be destroyed either. It can be forgotten, but not destroyed. This is why creating an intention, or making a commitment, along with applying your Manifestation Tattoo, is so important, and why it’s such an integral part of manifesting in general.

When you make a commitment, as outlined in the “instructions” that come with every Manifestation Tattoo, you activate your energy of desire. And it’s ALIVE. ALIVE, I say! Now every time you see your ink, you not only get reminded of your commitment in a linear five-senses-sort-of-way, you actually connect to...and can feel...the energy from the time when you created the commitment...similar to the example of when an artist creates his art…this high energy is in there!

When you make an intention, or create a commitment, toward something you truly desire, you typically are in a high state of being, your “essence” state, if you will. And when you fall into an old subconscious pattern, or a self defeating thought or behavior, you become “disconnected” from your essence state. But when you connect back to your intention/commitment (via your Conscious Ink, in this case), you also automatically connect back to the presence of your highest self.

Just like that, whamo!

This is the “invisible", and perhaps the biggest, reason why these Manifestation Tattoos are so powerful, and why many have made mind-boggling shifts.

It’s really you, your highest self at work. Good work higher selves!

So, say it with me now, “Thank you law of thermodynamics.”

Cheers to you, and to your next manifestations!

Frank Gjata

Founder, Conscious Ink

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