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The Tattoo Can Choose You

The Tattoo Can Choose You

Ellen first learned of Conscious Ink through her friend, Wendy Harvil. Wendy purchased various sets and then had her friends lean on their intuition to pick the one meant for them. The choice was immediate for Ellen. Her heart knew what she needed and when she saw the tattoo in the pile, it called out to her.  Here is her experience:

I chose my own tattoo. Wendy gave me several to go through and choose. As soon as I saw the Let Go tattoo I knew it was mine since I was in the process of allowing more flow into my life. I wore the the Let Go tattoo  and it continued to be a gentle reminder for me.  As it faded, I felt release. Then I added Om Mani Padme Hum on the same arm.

My business is named Soulshift and I offer energy work and workshops to bring balance, healing and divine love to others. My plan is to open a studio offering yoga, energy work, workshops and joyful Sacred community gatherings. I will have a booth at a local expo and will offer these tattoos at the end of each short healing session. I know the tattoo will 'choose' each person and they will be able to have this reminder of healing or empowerment long after their session.

Besides the playfulness of a temporary tattoo, reminding us of our inner child, they are a gentle reminder of something in which to place our focus. Life is busy and our minds (well mine!) tend to race. The tattoo pulls me back into focus during the day and helps me to be aware of my heart goal.

If I could tell the world one thing, it would be this: don't take life too seriously. Find your balance, your peace and your joy. And make time to fill yourself up, which will enable you to fill others up, too.


Part of the beauty of these tattoos is our ability to share them. With our family. Friends. Communities. The words we need will call out to us. As we choose and allow our tattoos to choose us, we are engaging with our truth and we can lean on each other for support every step of the way.

Conscious Ink is about community and it is an honor to witness how our Manifestation Tattoos have brought people together in love and purpose.

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