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Things we can’t control. Things we can. Where’s our focus?

Things we can’t control. Things we can. Where’s our focus?

What causes us stress is trying to control things we have no control over. So, instead, let’s be sure to put our focus on things we do have control over...and let go of the rest (as hard as it may be at times). For instance, we may not be able to control whether there is a Coronavirus, but we can control how often we wash our hands. 

We know that stress and worry lower our immune system. This is not helpful! What is helpful is actually the opposite...lowering our stress and worry. And how do we do that? By RAISING our state of being...by feeling good...by feeling relaxed. And how do we do that? By doing things that we love, that bring us joy. By doing things that relax us. By doing things that make us feel good. By doing things that feel loving. What are your favorite things that do that for you? 

As counter-intuitive as it may be, the best way to deal with stress and worry, and to improve our immune system, is to actually feel as good as possible! Scientifically proven!

For best results, implement immediately, and regularly, throughout your day!

Frank Gjata, Founder Conscious Ink

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