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"Well, looky here…" How My Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoos Keep Me Accountable!

"Well, looky here…" How My Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoos Keep Me Accountable!

~Frank Gjata, founder Conscious Ink

We humans forget. 

We do, right?

Our brains forget lots of things.

But our bodies remember. And, our subconscious remembers…EVERYTHING.

Unfortunately, some of the things our subconscious remembers are our old patterns (thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors) that no longer serve us. We’ve acted (or reacted, more accurately) the same way so many times, for so long, that they have become habits that we’re often not even aware of.

Enter Conscious Ink. This is the main reason I created these temporary tattoo reminders (or “interrupters”, if you will) to interrupt our subconscious patterns, so that we can consciously make new choices. It’s much more powerful and effective to “catch ourselves in the moment” and interrupt an old way of being because we actually “break” the old synapse (in real time) from firing the way it is used to. The more often we interrupt these old synapses, we create and wire new connections in our brain, which will eventually lead to new habits…new more loving, affirming habits…the ones we actually want!

“LOVE these. So far in one week they have given me more motivation than anything else I have tried to control my compulsive eating disorder ???”  ~KC

What’s cool is…that when you apply one of our Manifestation Temporary Tattoos and make a commitment to what you really want, every time you see it throughout your day, your ink (really, you) holds you accountable to your commitment…but in the most loving way. You can think of your ink as your precious “accountability buddy”.

So, is there an old habit, or subconscious pattern, you’d like support letting go of?

What is it? Name it.

And is there something that feels exciting to replace it with?

Really feel into what it is that you'd like. Speak it. Visualize it. Move with it.

Is there a word, message, or symbol that would feel supportive to you in your quest?

If something popped into your head just now, and you’d like to have this reminder to support you, jump on our site (www.ConsciousInk.com)

and see if we have it, or something similar. You can also just scroll through our Collections, and you may just find something that really grabs you, perhaps surprisingly.

We often say that we don’t pick the tattoo, the tattoo picks us. And that’s a lovely thing. The perfect foundation for teaming up to materialize your true desire.

So, the next time you glance at your ink and it wakes you up in the moment, you might say, “Well, looky here…my ink is holding me accountable!” And you can use that moment to shift your thought, belief, or behavior, and recommit to your desire.

Then, you can high five your higher self.


Frank Gjata

Founder Conscious Ink

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