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FEATURED INK: You've Always Had The Power, My Dear

FEATURED INK: You've Always Had The Power, My Dear

Many of us go into the new year with intentions to do better than the year before. We've relieved ourselves of the weight of the previous year and are ready to make changes that better serve us. Now's the time to dust off those running shoes in the hallway closet, to embark on a new career path, or to simply move past 2020 blues.  

Despite I myself being a fan of this new year, go get 'em energy, I would argue that there really is no ideal time to turn a new leaf. Every moment is new. At any point in time, we can choose to release the weight of the past and create a new reality. The power to make positive changes has resided within us all along. 

When we put so much power on a particular time of the year to make positive changes, we risk losing trust in our innate power to transform ourselves at any moment. 

The truth is the biggest obstacles are not out there. Rather, they exist inside our minds in the form of limiting beliefs that keep us from fully showing up as our authentic selves. The world, as we experience it, is only a reflection of our beliefs. If we wish to transform our external circumstances, we must begin by changing our thoughts. When we transform our thoughts, the way that we see the world and respond to it changes and our external realities follow suit. 

Our Manifestation Tattoos are tools that help you to disrupt limiting thought patterns and affirm new, more efficacious ways of thinking. When you are no longer riding the tailwind of inspiration and are on the verge of reverting to familiar patterns, a tattoo can remind you of why you started and gives you the strength to endure.

Often times all we need is a gentle reminder to break old habit loops and form new patterns that better support us. It takes about 66 days of intentional effort to reprogram the subconscious mind. This means that with consistency, we can alter our thought patterns for a more harmonious, abundant, loving inner world--an inner world that will of course be reflected back to us in our external realities. And all of this can be done, at any time, no flip of the calendar required.  


Conscious Ink Staffer 

Amanda Brown is a wellness blogger and a member of the Conscious Ink Team at our home office in Bend, OR. She is passionate about helping people find peace with where they are at while pursuing their best, most fulfilling lives. For more of her work, you can head over to her blog at www.liminalwellness.com.


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