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Founder's Journey... To Blississippi.

Frank invites you to join him in Blissisippi! That’s the name of his personal website that houses all things bliss, transformation, and the many personal growth tools he’s created. Blississippi isn’t only a fun, catchy name, it’s a philosophy for passionate living, fun transforming and big leaping!
About 20 years ago, Frank set about on a journey of self-inquiry, plunging into books on relationships and personal growth. This led him to the Hendricks Institute where he studied under the wing of best-selling authors and relationship experts, Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks. 
As he participated in workshops and worked as a coach himself with his own clients, he witnessed many life-changing moments. Brave inquiry, vulnerable exploration, and acute observation was enough to unroot an old wound or pattern that someone may have been struggling from for a lifetime, and often just in a matter of minutes, if not seconds!
Naturally, this sparked a curiosity in Frank. He developed a faint obsession with piecing together the components of a life-changing moment… why would this happen in one moment, and not another? 
Like any good scientist, he kept exploring and experimenting, continuing to boil down the common threads into an elixir of ingredients that pooled at the root of the transformational shifts he was witnessing... to the point he coined his coaching sessions as “life-changing moment” sessions, where he confidently guaranteed a life-changing moment in even the very first session. His process, that he admittedly stole from observing how the universe works, has a 100% success rate.
Through his work with clients and on his own, Frank saw that transformation, fueled by willingness and courage, could happen organically, almost effortlessly — from a process of returning home to the truth that glows at the seat of the soul. Just as the flame burning at the base of a floating lantern allows it to rise into the sky, the truth flickering within was what allowed his clients to rise beyond their previous limitations. 
Ultimately, Frank’s curiosity took on a life of its own, unfolding into a series of innovative tools that support people to acknowledge their truth and live their bliss on a daily basis.
Frank and/or his work, has been featured in publications, such as Mantra Yoga + Health MagazineShape MagazineModern MeditationThe Good News NetworkFitness MagazineForbes, and Yoga Journal.
Discover a couple free websites of his below, featuring quick, fun exercises for transformation. Join us. Blississippi or bust!