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We often hear that one of the best ways to manifest something is to imagine, and practice the feeling, of already having it. 
This may be true, but the challenge is that very few of us can actually manage to attain and maintain this high energy state of being from pretending. If it were that easy, we would all be having everything we wanted by now!
For most of us, the practice of trying to feel good when we feel bad is challenging, frustrating, and, most often, ineffective. Leaving us perhaps more distraught than before we started! (If you happen to be the exception to the rule, and you really enjoy pretending to have the thing you desire without actually having it, then great. Enjoy and manifest!)

But what about the rest of us?

Well, there’s one very important piece of information that most people do not know, understand, and is rarely talked about.
So I’m going to talk about it!
How we feel about one particular thing is never felt in isolation. Meaning if we feel angry about one specific thing…that feeling is not isolated to just that one thing, our entire system in general (body, mind, emotional state) feels angry. So we then emit the energy of anger from our entire being.
Thank goodness that it also works the other way around. So if we feel happy about a particular thing, then our entire system in general feels that way and emits the energy of happy.
Not only are our feelings not linear in the way just described, our feelings are not isolated to just to our own bodies. Our energy comingles energetically to ALL things, making how we feel even more important! Quantum physics shows that energy attracts like energy.

So, what’s the lesson, and invitation, here?

Get yourself into a “real" feel-good state of being, instead of just trying and struggling to pretend you are in one.
What are real things that raise energy?
You tell me.
A few general feel-good things, and activities, are: Listening to music, spending time in nature, reading a good book, connecting with a friend, relaxing, taking deep breaths, being authentic, allowing feelings to move through, meditating, and doing fun physical activities.
Along with these general feel-good things, what makes you in particular feel good?
What are you especially passionate about? 
Add that to your list.
Once you’ve compiled your feel-good list, the next step is especially important:
And do them regularly.
I recommend that you SCHEDULE in your feel-good activities each and every day.
In a nutshell: Feeling good in general leads to manifesting specific things...without needing to specifically focus on them.
And guess what, feeling good actually feels good.
There’s no losing with this formula!
So, if you want to start manifesting all that you desire specifically, start feeling good and raise your energy/state of being, in general.
Sorry to be the bearer of such awful news 🙄
Frank Gjata
Founder, Conscious Ink