Oud & Bergamot Scented Manifestation Candle + Ink – Conscious Ink
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Abundance Oud + Bergamot Manifestation Candle + Ink

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Abundance Oud + Bergamot Manifestation Candle + Ink
Introducing the Conscious Ink Manifestation Candle. We invite you to make an intention. Then, every time you light your candle, repeat your intention, as you take a few deep breaths. You’ll be linking your intention with the candle aroma. So as you take in the scent, you’ll also be connecting to your intention, supporting it to manifest into your life. These candles are 13.5 ounces with an extra long burn of approximate of 100 hours. For reference, the average size regular candle is 7-10.5 ounces with a 40-70 hr burn.

Aroma Oud + BergamotAn alluring blend of precious oud from Southern Asia with crisp bergamot and an orange granite accord. Each Abundance  Manifestation Candle comes with a matching "Abundance" 3-Pack included ($10 value) to further support your intention.

Linking Intention & Aroma: Our sense of smell is closely linked with our memory. Scents have a direct route to the limbic system, including the amygdala and the hippocampus, the areas of the brain related to emotion and memory. This means connecting a scent to an intention and emotion is a powerful practice for manifestation.
XL Size 13.5 Ounces • 100 Hour Long Burn Approx. • Vegan Soy Coconut Blend • Hand Poured • No Dyes Paraben-Free • 100% Cotton Wick • Made In USA


Conscious Ink is on a mission to spread love and raise consciousness around the world, one body at a time! We're no ordinary temporary tattoo company. In fact, we're not a temporary tattoo company at all. We're The Empowerment Company. We utilize temporary tattoos, candles, hats, apparel, and everything we can get our hands on, to support people on their path.

Our Manifestation Tattoos were purposefully created to empower people in manifesting their intentions, dreams, and desires. The results have been everything from enthusiastic to life changing! Conscious Ink is the first company ever to utilize temporary tattoos to inspire and support lasting transformation.