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Love My Body Starter Kit (Save 38%)


Love My Body Starter Kit (Save 38%)

Disrupt Negative Thoughts

Foster Positivity

Promote Healthy Habits

"Absolutely love these!! I have used these as 'encourages' in my loss of 80 pounds. The "You Can Do this," "Actually I Can", and "You Got This" are just some of my favorites placed on the inside of my wrist/arm so when I'm walking I can see them. It's hard to not do anything when you have a 'You Can Do This', staring right at you". ~Kay

Our Love My Body Starter Kit has been specifically curated with messages to support you (or a loved one) with mindful eating and fostering healthy habits that can disrupt self-defeating patterns around food and body image. By becoming aware of the triggers, and the feelings underlying them, we can make new self-loving choices that truly feed us, which can lead to us loving and appreciating our bodies more, and can allow us to reach our ideal weight naturally. Each glance at your Conscious Ink can disrupt self-defeating thoughts, foster positivity, and support your intentions. Wear some. Share some. Save 38%. Let's do this!

Starter Kit Includes: 20 Conscious Ink (2ea of 10 popular styles), 1 Tattoo Greeting Card, 1 Manifestation Worksheet, 1 Bonus Item.

$73.00 $45.00 USD


FREE “Actually I Can” 3-Pack Conscious Ink

FREE “Actually I Can” 3-Pack

$10.00 USD FREE

Comes free with purchase. Share with a friend. Or keep handy on the go!

Product Details

  • Each Conscious Ink lasts 3-7 days on average (based on proper application, placement area, skin type & activity level)
  • Non-toxic. Cosmetic-grade, FDA-certified inks. Vegan
  • Look real! Waterproof. Made USA.

How Can Conscious Ink Support Me?

  • Promotes Mindfulness
  • Supports Our Intentions
  • Fosters A Positive Mindset
  • Disrupts Negative Self-Talk
  • Promotes Healthy Habits
  • Cultivates Self Awareness
  • Reprograms Subconscious

How to Apply?

  • Apply in just 30 seconds!
  • Unlike some temp tattoos, Conscious Ink appears instantly on the skin. No waiting. No hassle. No fuss. All tattoos are individually cut, ready to use!
  • TO APPLY: Select area of body that doesn’t get too much wear & tear. Avoid skin creases.
  • The forearm is the ideal spot, as you can see it throughout the day!
  • Be sure skin is clean, dry & oil/lotion free. We recommend using a little rubbing alcohol to clean/prep skin.
  • Remove clear film from tattoo. Place tattoo face down on skin. Press fully wet sponge/cloth firmly over back of tattoo.
  • Soak thoroughly all the way to the edges for 30 seconds. Lift paper back slowly. Voila!
  • REMOVE INSTANTLY: Use baby oil, hand sanitizer, or transparent tape.

Good Karma Guarantee

We're here to make sure you have the best, most affirming experience with us. We're a consciousness company, for Pete's sake! If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we'll replace the product, or refund your purchase (within 30 days). We want you to be happy! I mean, who would want bad karma?!

Support / Contact

For all support related questions, please email us at You'll receive a timely response from one of our awesome team members, if not our founder himself.







Over 3 Million Conscious Ink Sold

I can't believe how much this affirmation has helped me shift my thinking! Two years ago I had a life threatening illness... reminds me that I am a survivor and that instead of focusing on what I can't do, I should "strut accordingly". The tattoos are easy to apply and stay on for about a week. Customer service is excellent.

From Mary
SEPT 11TH, 2024

Bought several reassuring words to calm me down... and the one I wore the most was Breathe. They helped get me through a stressful time. I can highly recommend their products and their philosophy.

From Teena
AUG 14th, 2023

I had such an amazing experience that I'm compelled to share it. My mother recently passed away so I ordered the Faith cross tattoos... We proudly wore our Faith cross tattoos. United as a family as we celebrated my mother's beautiful life!

From Barb
AUG 14TH, 2023

In Love! Love everything about this company! ...We can change them up, put them together and create so much 'self love and awareness'!

From ~M
How it works
Receive your kit
Choose your Conscious Ink
Set your intention
Apply your Conscious Ink
See your intention in ink
Be reminded throughout your day


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What’s in the kit?


20 Manifestation Tattoos (2 each of 10 popular styles)

“you GOT this” Manifestation Tattoo Greeting Card

Manifestation Worksheet

BONUS: "Actually, I Can" Tattoo 3-Pack

{ Free Shipping US/CAN $40+ }

Ask away!

Are Conscious Ink safe for my skin?

Yes, Conscious Ink are non toxic, made in the USA with cosmetic grade FDA-Certified inks. Vegan and Cruelty-free. Conscious Ink meets or exceeds all U.S., Canadian and European Union regulatory requirements, including FDA, CPSC and ASTM. People with very sensitive skin, or who are allergic to adhesive, should avoid wearing them. For a full list of ingredients and testing/compliance results, please see our FAQ page.

Are Conscious Ink easy to apply/remove?

YES, APPLY IN JUST 30 SECONDS! Unlike some other temporary tattoos, Conscious Ink appears instantly on the skin. No waiting. No hassle. No fuss! You can also quickly remove in just seconds anytime you like, with baby/olive oil, eye makeup remover, rubbing alcohol, or hand sanitizer. Voila!

Can I customize my design?

We’re not currently set up to offer custom designs, but we have over 650 different styles to choose from, so there’s a good chance we have something you’ll like. We also do take suggestions for new designs. If you’d like to submit a suggestion, just email us We also have a sister company that offers custom temporary tattoos here at:

Do I have to apply Conscious Ink on my arm/wrist?

No, you can apply Conscious Ink wherever you like! We do recommend the upper wrist/forearm because you’ll be able to see it throughout the day, and it’s a good spot for long-term wear. If you choose a different spot, just be sure to avoid applying on skin creases, or places where there could be a lot of rubbing on clothing or jewelry. Applying on hands and feet are not recommended for long-term wear.

If I mess up the applying my ink, will Conscious Ink really replace it?

Yes! Although it’s super easy to apply Conscious Ink, sometimes a mishap happens, even to the best of us! No worries though. We’re happy to take care of you. Just email us at:

Will Conscious Ink show up on dark skin?

Yes. Our realistic "blueish-black" ink color shows up perfectly well on dark/black skin. If you’re unhappy with the look, no worries at all. You can return for a full refund.

How can I gift the Starter Kit?

Simple. Just input the recipient’s address at checkout. If you’d like us to add a note, we’d be happy to. Just email us what you’d like to say at:

What happens if the tattoos don’t work on my skin, or want to return them?

We have a Good Karma Guarantee that assures your satisfaction. We’ve sold over 3 million Conscious Ink with great results on all types of skin. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please email us at: We’ll replace the product, or refund your purchase (within 30 days). We want you to be happy! I mean, who would want bad karma?!