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5 Steps To Embracing The Now

5 Steps To Embracing The Now

How many times have you found yourself in a situation you didn't anticipate and also didn't welcome? Maybe an event you attended was not what you expected, a blind date wasn't what you anticipated, or a job you accepted didn't turn out to be exactly what you thought. How did you react/respond? Did you grin and bear it and count the minutes or did you find the door and get the heck out of dodge?  

No judgment. No blame. We've been there!

But are you up for a challenge? A double dare perhaps? One that leads to a richer, more valuable experience.

We invite you to transform your perspective and approach this kind of situation differently in the future. Here's how:

1.) Bring awareness to your thoughts, and feelings. Acknowledge the unexpected situation at hand. 

2.) Take a deep breath.

3.) Let go of what you expected the experience to be and be open to what experience wants to come through instead.

4.) Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Express your experience if it feels safe to do so.

5.) Get curious. What is there to learn at the moment? What gift, perhaps not readily seen, is being presented to you?

6.) EMBRACE the challenge and be present for what is happening NOW! 

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