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Becoming Limitless-- Step By Step

Becoming Limitless-- Step By Step

The true nature of this universe is one of limitlessness-- the only limits that exist are the ones we impose on ourselves. These limits often come tightly wrapped up in the form of the beliefs we carry about ourselves and the world around us.

Keep in mind that every limiting belief existing in the now formed earlier under different circumstances. These beliefs at one point in time may have served us, but as time goes on these beliefs only serve to subdue the greatness we are all capable of. 

The key to breaking past these limiting beliefs is weakening, if not eradicating altogether, our belief in them. After all, the more true we believe these beliefs to be, the more power they can hold over us. It is the belief in limiting beliefs that makes them limiting.

Step 1: Identify a limiting belief.

A good way to weaken the hold limiting beliefs have on us is to deconstruct these beliefs down to the time and place in which we formed them. First it is essential to identify our personal limiting beliefs. We can do this by asking ourselves questions such as what isn't working? Often times the areas of life that feel empty or unnecessarily difficult serve as good indicators for where we hold limiting beliefs. 

Step 2: Float back to the moment of formation.

After identifying a given limiting belief, we can begin to sit with the feelings that accompany it and attempt to float back these feelings to the first time we experienced them. If we take note of the details of this memory--how old we were, what the surrounding environment was like, etc.-- it may become apparent why this belief formed in the first place. In some way this belief helped us to better adapt to the environments we grew up in. 

Step 3: See the mismatch between present day reality and the conditions under which the limiting belief formed. 

 Now we can bring our attention to the present day-- the people we have become, the resources available to us and the general scope of the environments we exist within. Does this belief make sense in the present situation? Chances are that it does not.

Deconstructing the origins of our limiting beliefs allows us to see the mismatch between these beliefs and our present day lives. This in turn opens our eyes to the inaccuracy of these limiting beliefs, thus weakening our belief in them.

As a result, we take the power away from the negative Nancy's running amok through our heads and reclaim this power for ourselves. From here, we can become truly limitless. 

Amanda Brown 

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