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Viewing The World Through The Lens of Appreciation.  

Viewing The World Through The Lens of Appreciation.  

Here's the invitation: As you traverse your world today, observe yourself as you observe the people, and things, around you. 
We may not realize it, but most of us have a default mode of looking at...wait, more accurately, "looking for", what is wrong, what is stupid, what is irritating.
We view the world through the lens of criticism, versus the gaze of appreciation.
As to why that is...is a conversation for another day.
For today, try this magical shift: View the world, and the people around you, "looking for" things you appreciate.
For example, at quick glance, you may not like how someone looks, or is dressed. Okay. Take a breath. Now, look further, more deeply, is there anything there that you can appreciate? Perhaps, it's their colorful shoe laces, hair color, or smile.
In our auto-pilot default mode, we often miss so much.
So go ahead. Put on your glasses of appreciation today. Notice how you feel with them on. Are you surprisingly drawn to do something? Perhaps, start up a conversation about something you notice and appreciate about them

When we view the world through the lens of appreciation, we discover beauty previously overlooked.

Not even the best Instagram filter can do that. 


Frank Gjata, Founder of Conscious Ink

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