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Celebrate The Miracle of a Moment

Celebrate The Miracle of a Moment

~A courageous 5 year old with a brain tumor
touches hearts~

In our fast paced, “I’m too busy”, hectic, over scheduled lives, when was the last time (if you can even remember) you took a moment to notice all of the tiny miracles going on around you? The sun shining, the warmth of a hug, children laughing, being surrounded by family, the nourishing food on the table, are but a minutia of all the miracles and blessings we are touched by every day. Do you take notice? If you are the parent of a child with a terminal illness, moments, these very moments, are the greatest treasure and precious beyond words.

Meet the Dooley Family: Sarah, Cole and Phoebe. Phoebe, now five, is very special. Sarah, Phoebe’s mother, shared that she had a difficult time getting pregnant and almost lost her in early pregnancy. Born at thirty four weeks, she rallied and seemed healthy until she was diagnosed at seven weeks with a congenital heart defect which required major open heart surgery. Her name “Phoebe” which means radiant light has proven to be a source of her powerful little being.

Life moves forward but in March of 2016, Phoebe, after undergoing and MRI for an eye issue was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), a brain tumor that affects approximately 300 children in the U.S. each year. It comes with a grim prognosis as it takes away their body’s vital functions but keeps their mental capacity intact.

Sarah shared that through all the treatments aimed at shrinking the tumor, Phoebe has been a warrior. “She inspires me daily and despite having to use a walker, difficulty talking, battling dizziness and headaches…her spirits have been amazing. She lives in the moment and is happy.”

We met the Dooley’s over a shared photo of Sarah wearing our “Life is beautiful” Manifestation Tattoo. With Phoebe’s precious smile and the hashtags of #braintumorwarrior and #defeatdipg we were inspired by Sarah’s strength to share their journey. Sarah came by Conscious Ink as a gift from her sister. She has also mailed many of our Manifestation Tattoos to friends and other moms who have children fighting DIPG as well. “Your tattoos have helped me to feel more empowered, grounded and present through this difficult journey. Phoebe loves the unicorn and lion as well. They are the perfect animal spirits for her.”

Phoebe’s story is one for us all! Faced with a mountain of challenges, Phoebe and her parents have moved through life moment by moment. Embracing each smile and special snuggle, holding dearly the opportunity to see another day dawn as a family, forging through the heartache and fear of the unknown as they traverse the path of DIPG, the Dooley family’s journey is a beautiful reminder of the power and the tiny miracles that lie within each moment of our lives. Their beacon of inspiration shines out to remind us that our lives occur in moments, precious moments and they are not to be missed or wasted.

Sarah and Cole Dooley have set up a foundation to create a living legacy to Phoebe. Their hope is to bring more research monies to the treatment of DIPG and support families facing pediatric cancer in the Gainesville, FL area and families who seek out treatment there. To learn more about their work you can find them here. https://phoebelouisedooley.org/about-the-foundation/


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