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Going Makeup Free – Getting Real.

Going Makeup Free – Getting Real.

For most girls the daily ritual of applying makeup and time spent on hair, nails, and clothes begins in those awkward tween years and continues until right up to the very end of our lives.  In our current culture applying makeup is considered a confidence booster. It helps us to cover those imperfections and yet accentuate what nature has given us. But for many it has become our mask, our armor against judgement and criticism and a means of fitting in.  And most of us would not be caught dead, literally, without it.

Conscious Ink had the delightful opportunity to share in a makeup free experience with one of our long time Conscious Inkers- BethAnn.  It began as an Instagram post of a makeup free selfie. On her bare shoulder she wore our “challenge your thoughts accept yourself” Manifestation Tattoo as a declaration and reminder.  Inspired by her raw authenticity we asked her to share her experience. 

  BethAnn, How would you describe yourself?

“I would say that I like to think I’m bubbly, passionate, and intuitive but I know that I am also often very self-conscious, anxious, and a total perfectionist.”

 Why did you make the decision to go makeup free for a day?  And why the tattoo?

“Perfectionism is something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember- in school, with friends, for my parents. I have never seen myself as someone who is enough- mentally, physically, or emotionally. Going make up free is a challenge to my thoughts to love myself regardless of my self-perception or the perception others have of me. I am someone who struggles daily with negative self-thoughts and this tattoo provided me with an outlet to challenge them head on and remind myself that I am who I am and that is more than enough.”

Can you share with us your experience of the day?

So refreshing! There are some days that I am so in love with myself and I truly cherish those days. This tattoo made me feel strong, it showed others my journey without me actually even having to tell them- and it was a conversation starter in itself! Make up free days are something I try to do on all of my days off- this day I was happy and content with myself. But often this isn’t the case… when you struggle with self-doubt and negative thoughts, the days where you love yourself are so important! I think the tattoo was a constant reminder for me to challenge those thoughts and to love myself regardless so it really helped my ability to stay positive.”

When we take on a challenge we all encounter that inner voice.  What was yours saying to you?

“I would say I’m pretty proud of my self-talk that day. It went something like ‘You are worthy’, ‘Your appearance doesn’t define you’, ‘Damn girl, your skin is glowing today’ (lol), ‘I am so thankful for this healthy body and soul I’m in today’.”

What was your biggest take away from being makeup free?

 “As women in our society, we’re required to be perfect and reach for limitless beauty standards.We're told to love ourselves, but also given measurements and prerequisites that define the bounds of what we’re allowed to love. Going make up free is an act of rebellion- not only against my thoughts, but against a society that tells me I am not enough unless I am painted, shaved, and glossed over. I am rebelling against every person that defines a woman’s beauty by her eye shadow or perfectly tanned skin. I am not rebelling against these women- but rather the standard that is set for all of us to follow by example. I know the pressure to be perfect, I feel it every day- make up free is a chance to let go of all of that, to feel free, and just embrace the mess and awesomeness that I truly am.”

“I stand here today to say I am: worthy, intuitive, fierce, and ready to win.” -BethAnn





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