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Nudge A Grudge Out Of Your Life For Good

Nudge A Grudge Out Of Your Life For Good


20 Questions To Freedom!
By Frank Gjata, Founder Conscious Ink 

How does it feel in your body to hold a grudge? Where do you feel it?

After thinking about a grudge, where do you put your energy? How does this serve, or not serve, you?

As you feel into it, are you more angry with the person you have the grudge with, or, underneath, are you really angry at yourself?

If you’re angry with yourself, can you identify the actions/behaviors/thought patterns that got you into the situation in the first place?

 Where did you first learn those actions/behaviors/thought patterns? 

Can you see how at a certain point in your life, those actions/behaviors/thought patterns that you learned may have served you by “keeping you safe” in some way…meaning that it seemed, or was actually true, that it wouldn’t be safe for you to act in any other way?

Can you feel some appreciation for the protection it provided you at that time? Can you feel some compassion for yourself being in that situation, doing the best you could? 

Would you be willing to acknowledge and allow any feelings that may be coming up in this moment now? Would you be willing to be with yourself lovingly, breathing fully, until any intensity passes?

Now, as an adult, can you see how those old actions/behaviors/thought patterns that may have served you at some point in your life, no longer serve you today?

Would you be willing to let go of these old actions/behaviors/thought patterns that no longer serve you?

What new actions/behaviors/thought patterns would TRULY serve you? How do those feel in your body?

 Can you think of a situation today where you’d be willing to incorporate these new actions/behaviors/thought patterns? By when?

 Would you be willing to love yourself as you experiment, learn, and implement this new way of showing up in the world, as the old patterns may be deeply ingrained, and you could use all the loving support you can get, including from yourself?

Are you ready to soar, embrace the truth of who you really are, expand your capacity to give and receive love, and delight and bask the vibrations of bliss, love, and joy, in your life?


Much love to you!


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