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Crazy Insane? Or Crazy Inspired?

Crazy Insane? Or Crazy Inspired?

Ever have a crazy good idea only to come to think later that it was just plain crazy sans the good part? Ever get a whim of inspiration then become convinced it was really just a moment of madness? Ever gone from Sassy Sally to Debbie Downer in lickety-split?

So, what’s going on here? What changed from one moment to the next?

In those moments, we may feel like we lost our mind. And we may have done just that…lose our mind, temporarily. And that can be a very good thing!

Whatcha talkin’ 'bout Willis?

The mind we “lost" may have been a mind that was “stuck”. Follow me here. If we feel the same way everyday, we will formulate very similar thoughts everyday. Now, if we step out of the typical way we feel, new atypical thoughts and ideas may come to us. Make sense?

A couple examples of times when we may feel different than normal. While on vacation. When doing something we love. When we finally surrender something that no longer serves us. Can you think of more?

So, in those atypical moments, more times than not, it’s our state of being that has changed. Often, we may have an unusual flash of inspiration because we were actually in a higher state of being than “normal”.

Then, when we “settle down” into our more typical way of feeling, those inspired ideas may indeed feel crazy. But of course they would, because they came from a different brain!

So, what to do? How can we be sure if it’s an inspired idea, or just a bad idea.

Test it out…in different state of beings.

Get yourself back into a higher, inspired state of being, then try the idea on once more. Does it all of sudden sound exciting again? If so, you know you’re onto something. And the problem isn’t the idea, but your state of being. So focus on that…how can you stay in this inspired state more and more each day?

A few suggestions: Do things that feel good. Do things you love to do. Delegate the things you don’t. Complete things that have been draining your energy. Hang out with people you enjoy and inspire you. What’s on your list?

Let "feeling good" guide the way. If you don’t feel good, focus perhaps first on…napping. :)


Conscious Ink Founder,

Frank Gjata

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