Why This Conscious Ink? "Life Happens Outside Of Your Comfort Zone"
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Why This Conscious Ink? "Life Happens Outside Of Your Comfort Zone"

Why This Conscious Ink? "Life Happens Outside Of Your Comfort Zone"

We crave the order, sense of security and predictability that our comfort zones provide us with. Everything beyond the bubble of comfort that many of us have enshrouded ourselves with is a foreign land--its untouched wonders both entice and provoke fear within us. 

All of us flirt with the idea of venturing outside the bubble from time to time. Perhaps we pause before ordering our usual to ponder the other possibilities on the menu, or we consider taking a different route on our way home from work. Before we can act on these impulses, though, our minds will pop in with helpful reminders of why this is not a good idea. This is often enough for us to shut down the dream of the unknown and settle for the tried and true. 

The problem with this is that when we stop reaching for situations that stretch us beyond what is comfortable, we stop growing. And when we are not growing, we are essentially dying. Life becomes colorless. We may find solace in the sense of security that comes from knowing what to expect, but living in this place for too long only leaves us feeling numb and listless. Nothing truly enthralling takes place within a bubble. 

In the words of Dr. Serene Jones,"the constant facade of order hides the wilderness that is craving to seep out and teach us that life wasn't created to be what we think it is...we must experience the wilderness to be taught what cannot be otherwise known". 

Ultimately, growth is the prerequisite for a rich, fulfilling life and discomfort is the catalyst for growth. Growth requires us to sink our feet into new soil and scour the wilderness for experiences that can't be had within the confines of our bubbles.


Conscious Ink Staffer 

Amanda Brown is a wellness blogger and a member of the Conscious Ink Team at our home office in Bend, OR. She is passionate about helping people find peace with where they are at while pursuing their best, most fulfilling lives. For more of her work, you can head over to her blog at www.liminalwellness.com.



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