"Excuse Me, I Beg MY pardon." – Conscious Ink
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"Excuse Me, I Beg MY pardon."

"Excuse Me, I Beg MY pardon."

"Excuse Me, I Beg MY pardon."

How We Can Be More Loving Toward Ourselves.

Conscious Ink's main purpose is to support us to in NOTICE and ACKNOWLEDGE negative thoughts and hurtful self-talk. In doing so, we can identify old subconscious patterns that do not serve us and SHIFT to more loving self-talk and self-affirming thoughts that DO.

Remembering we have a CHOICE in the matter is empowering. 

As we know, our thoughts are powerful beyond what most of us realize. In our last newsletter, we talked about how our thoughts can affect our healing. Dr. Bruce Lipton states "Our minds create perceptions, and our perceptions result in chemical changes in our bodies that ultimately affect our biology." But what about how our mind creates perceptions about how we love ourselves?

Have you ever messed something up and/or made a "mistake" and said something to yourself like "Gosh that was dumb. You are an idiot"? Of course, you have! We all have! But is that serving us?

Is it showing love and compassion to ourselves?

How does it make us feel?

Would we allow someone else to say that to us and be ok with it - without feeling judged or shamed?

So why are we allowing ourselves to say it to ourselves?

Our example of how we love ourselves teaches the world how to love us. So, if our inner dialogue is judging and shaming on a regular basis without us stopping to notice this negative self-talk and shifting it, how can we possibly grow to love ourselves or expect others to?

A lot of questions I know... But, this introspective work is important to the transformation we are all desiring. Let's take a moment to start TODAY and COMMIT to being mindful and NOTICING those moments of negative self-talk, ACKNOWLEDGING how detrimental they can be, and then SHIFTING to something much more positive and loving. 

Instead of "Gosh that was dumb. You are such an idiot" we shift to "Huh, an interesting choice you've made here dear sir/ma'am. What can I learn from this? Let's try it this way instead for a more preferred result!" And perhaps, try adding a British or Australian accent, because that brings levity and makes it fun, which changes the energy to a more loving one!

Now, on you go! (In my best Audrey Hepburn's British accent)

Start today with more loving self-talk and show this world just how to love you! 


Amanda Brown (Conscious Ink's Right-Hand Lady)

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