"Halloween Is Over. So Why Do I Still Choose To Wear A Mask?" – Conscious Ink
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"Halloween Is Over. So Why Do I Still Choose To Wear A Mask?"

"Halloween Is Over. So Why Do I Still Choose To Wear A Mask?"

It's time to take off the mask.
Frank (founder of Conscious Ink) and I were talking the other day. I was sharing with him how I participated in the T-Rex (blow-up costume) Stampede that happens at the end of October every year in downtown Nashville. I was telling him how fun it was and how goofy we all were and so carefree. He brought up how it can be so freeing to hide behind a mask (of sort) and be your most free and authentic self in moments. 
I'm sure many of you can relate. 
But what keeps us, including myself on occasion, from acting so beautifully and joyfully carefree without the protection of a mask?
Something to sit with. What are we soooo scared of?
Will you join me in making a conscious commitment to let go of whatever it is that makes you feel like you can't always be who you truly are? Let's set ourselves free of that belief, that gets in the way of us showing up authentically. Let's instead, give ourselves permission to be the unique, quirky, amazing, flawed, unpredictable, weird, and goofy walking miracles we were uniquely and purposefully made to be!
No scary tricks. Just one big treat 😀


I guess when I am in large crowds I still mask up – we are high risk and I work in a school. I have not ever had covid and as a Computer support person I wear a mask with students. Flu and Covid ARE still Rampent in the building. So we each make our own choices. But long covid and conflicts with flu are still concerns. Not as paranoid as with the start but sensible around large crowds.

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