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How To Solidify A Moment With Meaning

How To Solidify A Moment With Meaning

Whenever we make a commitment, set an intention or create an affirmation, we often need a little reminding, and words do that so effectively.

Some people write words that remind them of the commitment on Post-it Notes or in journals. That’s because words can be a powerful anchor that brings us back to what matters. They can be metaphors we can apply to all sorts of contexts or statements that move us.

Written words are something we can add to our consciousness toolbox, and printing them out on our skin - even temporarily - can deepen the commitments we’ve made to ourselves.

When we combine the life-changing power of words with the affirming effect of tattoos, the power of an intention is amplified.

How can we use words to recommit in a powerful way and deepen our relationship with ourselves? How can we use temporary tattoos to support our intentions? Can we grow and change without suffering.

3 Invitations To Live More Intentionally, And Playfully

  • How to tattoo a context instead of static words in a commitment
    There are so many ways tattoos can be employed to remind us of what’s important and what we want to focus on. Thei r permanent nature can be intimidating for a lot of us though. Can we use ink in an open-ended way so that the body art evolves with us?
  • A case for play in any context
    We’ve been taught to explore and talk about heavy topics by taking a serious and somber approach, it’s work after all. Can we actually achieve more by dealing with heavy topics with more light-heartedness?
  • How to leapfrog suffering
    They say in order to have a breakthrough, we first need to have a breakdown, but that might be the messaging of our Upper Limit problem. How do we uncouple change and suffering? 
~From the "Be. Play. Love." Podcast with Sophie Chiche & Katie Hendricks

To explore more on this topic, listen to this episode of the "Be. Play. Love" Podcast featuring Conscious Ink Founder, Frank Gjata:

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