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Why Not...You?

Why Not...You?

No, really, why not?

Has there been something you wanted, but you thought to yourself, "There's just no way.", "That would be impossible.", "Wishful thinking.", "Who am I to think I could do that, or have that?" 

And then perhaps you witness someone else having what you want, and you don't question it all, and think to yourself, "Of course, that makes sense for that person.", or "That person is special, but I'm just ordinary."

Now, could it be that it's precisely these beliefs we have about ourselves, and others, that are keeping us from getting what we want, or even trying? 

Yes, we often don't even try, due to the beliefs we hold. No wonder nothing transpires! We don't even step into the arena! And, of course, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. And we continue to gather more and more data to support our misguided beliefs. Sheesh.

So isn't it about time that we loosen the grip of these false, rigid beliefs?

And how do we do that?

By questioning them. We need to question the #&$! out of these beliefs. Because once we question them earnestly, we'd quickly see how ridiculous and untrue they are.

So, when you catch yourself having a limiting belief about yourself, perhaps having difficulty seeing yourself attaining what you desire, say to yourself, "Wait, why not me?", "It actually IS possible", "If that person can do it, so can I."

Then follow up this inspired state with ACTION. Listen to your intuition. Follow your excitement. Act on what you're passionate about.

Your life will change. Believe you me.

Frank Gjata
Founder Conscious Ink

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