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Rebecca's Story

Rebecca's Story

People are always telling us how much they love sporting our fun, inspiring, and provocative body art, and it is always such a gift to hear that people enjoy our tattoos as much as we do!  Every once in a while, though, someone shares a story with us about the way that one of our tattoos has had a particularly special impact on their life.  We were so touched by one of our fan’s stories that we wanted to share it with you.

Rebecca has always believed in the power of words and intentions, so when she received one of our “Love” tattoos for her birthday, she knew exactly where she wanted to direct that Love.  Relationships are such an important and beautiful part of life, but they can also test our capacities to be compassionate and patient with ourselves and others.  Rebecca had struggled with a strained relationship with her mother for several years and wanted very much to heal the wounds that had caused she and her mother to be estranged.  She knew that in order to do this, she needed to reconnect with the love in that relationship.

Rebecca enlisted her friend and meditation teacher, Suzanne, to help her pave the way for the changes she wanted to see in her life.  Suzanne applied the tattoo over Rebecca’s heart while guiding Rebecca through a meditation focused on setting an intention to be open to the
possibility of healing her wounded relationship with her mother.  Shortly after, Rebecca spent time with her mother for the first time in years.  Naturally, Rebecca was nervous about how the visit would go, but Rebecca said that it “was a healing experience” because both of she and her mother “were committed to making it so”.  She said that they “brought the spirit of reconciliation to the visit and allowed for the possibility of peace, and yes – love.”  Rebecca told us that the “Love” tattoo was instrumental in repairing her relationship with her mother.  Every time she saw the word “Love” emblazoned on her chest it, reminded her heart and mind of her intention to focus on what was most important in her relationship--Love.

Frank founded Conscious Ink with the belief that the energy we consciously direct towards our intentions is immensely powerful.  He knew that if a person could make a commitment to directing positive intentions towards themselves and others, their lives would be transformed in ways both imaginable and unimaginable.  Conscious Ink tattoos are reminders of the intentions we set for ourselves and when we choose a tattoo that bears a message that we would like to send to ourselves and others, the effects can be quite surprising sometimes.  This was true for Rebecca and we hope that it will be true for you as well.

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