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Self Love- How we treat ourselves.

Self Love- How we treat ourselves.


Mirror, mirror...what do you have to teach me? We often hear that our world, and our relationships, mirror back to us how we're acting and behaving. Oftentimes, people think that this simply means what's being reflected back is how we treat others. What some people think of Karma, so to speak. While this may also be identified, this isn't the primary mechanism of how this "law" works.

If we look more closely, we may find that our world, and relationships, reflect back HOW WE TREAT OURSELVES. So, if we don't value ourselves, the world reflects back situations where we won't feel valued. If we see ourselves as inept, the world reflects back situations where we will feel inept. If we run away from our emotions, this is the behavior we'll experience from others. Our thoughts, actions and behaviors are fueled by the beliefs we have about ourselves, and our world.

We actually create (subconsciously) a reality that brings forth situations that trigger the feelings we're used to having. Think about it. We end up feeling the same feelings over and over and over.

The people, situations, and scenery may be different, but the underlying storyline stays the same.

This may seem like cruel and unusual karmic punishment. But, in truth, it's actually grace in action. This mechanism allows us to see where we're off the mark, where we're not in alignment with our true selves. It allows us the opportunity to learn, heal and make new choices that reflect the truth of who we really are.

So, if you're not sure of all the subtle, and not so subtle, ways you're treating yourself, just notice how the world is treating you. Notice how you may be treating yourself the exact same way. Then, if you'd like to change these patterns,  make a commitment to treat yourself in the way you'd like to be treated.

Breathe. Be gentle. Have compassion for yourself. A lot of emotions may come up. Perfect. This will give you an opportunity to practice self love...the one and only, all-purpose healing elixir.

Much love~

Frank Gjata

Founder, Conscious Ink

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