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We Are All Magnets

We Are All Magnets

(Whether we repel or attract is up to us.)
Ever meet someone who is genuinely magnetic, and seems to attract just the right people and things into their lives? 
What is it about them that makes them so magnetic?Is it some special trait? Something they’re just born with? 
Or is it something as simple as feeling comfortable in their own skin, accepting and loving who they are, and expressing it openly and naturally?
These people can be captivating, even if they’re not exactly our cup of tea, right?
The truth is that this magnetism is available within each of us, in any, and every, moment.
It’s just being authentic to who we really are, and letting go of the attachment of trying to be liked. Trying to be this. Trying to be that. Trying is just, so, well, Trying!
And isn’t this the paradox... the more we try to be liked and accepted, the more we may actually be shunned or ridiculed? We can actually becoming repelling, like the other side of the magnet.
And the more we’re willing to just be our true selves, the more we tend to be liked and accepted. We draw people in, just like a magnet.
What’s more, the universe LOVES authenticity. So, when we’re authentic, we align with the entire universe.
Now that’s what you call magnetic…being drawn to and cherished by existence itself. 
Here’s to us being irresistibly us!
Frank Gjata
Founder, Conscious Ink

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