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The Power of Words

The Power of Words

How much power does a single word have?  The great American poet, Emily Dickinson, has said, “I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.”  At Conscious Ink, we tend to agree with Emily.  We believe that the words we choose to say to ourselves and to others shape our world, and our tattoos are words that are meant to inspire, encourage, and promote growth.  While it might be easy to dismiss words as insignificant (just lip-service, not as loud as actions, sticks and stones…) the truth is, words have always had a huge impact on our lives.

A single word can encapsulate a whole world of meanings, images, memories, and feelings.  There are words that we need to say and words that we wish to hear.  Words of wisdom and support can help us find strength in difficult moments and words of inspiration and hope, like the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, have called entire nations to action, creating sweeping waves of change across the globe.

There is an immense sense of empowerment that comes from the ability to accurately convey a feeling or an idea through words.  While not being able to find the right words to express something is immensely frustrating, there are few things as satisfying as speaking your truth.  Think about the exhilaration and relief you feel when you finally release words that you were holding in or you say out loud something that you only just realized to be true.

What we choose to focus on in our words is just as important as the actions we choose to take.  A famous quote from Gandhi illustrates the integral role words play in shaping our lives.  “Your beliefs become your thoughts. 
Your thoughts become your words. 
Your words become your actions. 
Your actions become your habits. 
Your habits become your values. 
Your values become your destiny.”  That is certainly reason enough to examine our words.

If we listen closely, we may find that the words we choose expose beliefs that we didn’t even realize we were carrying.  What are we saying to ourselves?  Things that we wouldn’t want someone else to say to us or that we would never dare to say to someone else?  Or are we telling ourselves things that are loving and helpful?  To Breathe, Let Go, to Be Present.  What kinds of words are we using to define ourselves?  If our words become our actions, habits, values, and our destiny, then let’s tell ourselves things that nourish our souls.  I Am Love.  I Am Powerful.  I Am Divine.

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