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How Long Does a Temporary Tattoo Last?

How Long Does a Temporary Tattoo Last?

Temporary tattoos are just that—temporary. Their lifespan can vary significantly based on several factors, such as the type of temporary tattoo, your skin type, and how you take care of it.

How Long Do Everyday Temporary Tattoos Last?

Regular temporary tattoos, often applied with a transfer method using water applied to the back of it, generally last anywhere from three days to a week. Factors like skin type, body placement, and daily activities can affect how long a temporary tattoo will last.

Types of Temporary Tattoos and Their Lifespan

  • Standard Temporary Tattoos: A lot of these standard sticker tattoos vary drastically in quality. These are the most common temporary tattoos and they typically last between 2-5 days. Kids temporary tattoos can sometimes last even shorter because kids are often more active, affecting the tattoo's lifespan.

  • Tattoo Pens: These are pens with special ink that you can draw on your skin with. These usually last 1-3 days. DIY temporary tattoos similar to tattoo pens can last shorter or longer based on how well it is applied. 

  • Airbrush Tattoos: Professionally applied airbrush tattoos can last up to a week. Professional temporary tattoos can last even longer if properly cared for—sometimes up to 10 days.

  • Henna Tattoos: These can last 1-2 weeks, depending on how well they are applied and maintained.

Other Longevity Factors

  • How Long Do Temporary Tattoos Stay On?: The longevity also depends on where on the body the tattoo is applied. Tattoos on parts of the body that aren't rubbed by clothing, like the upper arm or forearm, can last longer.

How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty: How do you make a temporary tattoo last longer?

Olive Oil: A No-Go

You might wonder, can you use olive oil to make temporary tattoos last longer? The answer is no. Olive oil can act as a natural remover for temporary tattoos, so it's not recommended for prolonging their lifespan!

Hairspray and Perfume: Your Secret Weapons

  • How to Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer With Hairspray: A quick spray can add a protective layer that helps in maintaining the tattoo's appearance. However, make sure it's a quick spritz—you don't want to drench the tattoo.

  • How to Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer With Perfume: Similar to hairspray, a light spritz of perfume can make the tattoo last a bit longer.

DIY Techniques to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer

How to Make Tattoos at Home That Are Temporary But Long-Lasting

To create a temporary tattoo at home that will last longer, the most common method is applying pen ink or Sharpie, however due to toxic solvents in some Sharpie markers, we advise using it with caution or not at all. Sharpie Fine Point Markers in particular are the safest to use, but it is not advised to use them on lips or anywhere near the eyes. Once you have either drawn your design in place, or transferred the drawing from parchment or tracing paper onto skin, gently dust it with baby powder to absorb any excess ink and oils. You can finish the process by giving your design a quick spritz of hairspray to act as a sealant, however we advise against spraying too much as it can potentially dry out the skin. This combination of steps will significantly enhance the tattoo's longevity using these common DIY methods.

Other DIY temporary tattoos can be made using natural ingredients such as beetroot, turmeric, or activated charcoal, however it should be noted that these methods may not be as long-lasting.

How to Keep Temporary Tattoos On Longer

After you've applied your temporary tattoo, it's crucial to keep the area dry. This is especially important in the first few hours following application. During this period, refrain from showering, swimming, or doing any activities that might cause you to sweat. Keeping the tattoo dry allows it to set properly, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Application Matters

How Long to Hold a Temporary Tattoo

Applying the tattoo correctly is key to its longevity. Hold the tattoo firmly against your skin for at least 30 to 60 seconds. This allows the design to transfer fully and adhere well to the skin.

Additional Tips for Longevity

Use a Sealant

You can also use a thin layer of clear nail polish or liquid bandage to seal the tattoo. This adds an additional protective layer that can help extend its life.

Avoid Friction

Placement matters; choose an area that doesn't frequently rub against clothing or come into contact with other parts of your body.

Careful Washing

Be cautious when washing the tattooed area. Use a soft washcloth and avoid scrubbing to maintain the tattoo's quality.

Avoid Oils and Lotions

Steer clear of applying lotions or oils to the tattooed area as these can dissolve the adhesive, causing the tattoo to fade quicker.

Daily Maintenance with Talc-Free Powder

For daily upkeep, apply a talc-free powder over the tattoo. This helps to reduce moisture and friction that can degrade the tattoo's quality.

By following these guidelines, you'll ensure that your temporary tattoo not only looks great but also lasts much longer.

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