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How to Apply Temporary Tattoos

How to Apply Temporary Tattoos

Conscious Ink Manifestation Temporary Tattoos are not just another form of body art; they're empowering self-help tools for mind, body and soul, created to support you on your personal journey. Whether you're pondering how to get the most out of your temporary tattoo, or just wanting to know how to remove your temporary tattoo, this guide will cover it all.

Step One: The Perfect Canvas

Your skin is a living canvas, ever-changing and utterly unique. Before discussing how to apply your Conscious Ink, let's explore how to prepare your skin for long-lasting wear. Ensure your skin is clean, dry, and free of oils and lotions. (You may be thinking about how to easily remove temporary tattoos later on; well, lotions can indeed be your best friend for that.) If you're freshly drenched in sweat from an intense workout, wait for your skin to cool down. Tattoos won't adhere well to sweaty or overheated skin. We recommend using a little rubbing alcohol to prep/clean the skin before applying.

Step Two: Location, Location, Location

Selecting the right area for tattoo placement is crucial. Aim for parts of the body that aren't frequently in contact with jewelry, clothing, or highly mobile areas of such as the neck, elbow, etc. The forearm is a prime location, allowing you to see your ink throughout the day, however we advise to not apply too close to the wrist crease. Don't limit your imagination; combine different tattoo messages for a unique expression.

Step Three: Manifest Your Intentions

Time is a vessel for transformation, so don't speed through this step! Once your ideal location is selected, remove the transparent cover from the tattoo. Place your tattoo face down and fully soak the backside entirely with a wet cloth, sponge, or paper towel, for a full 30 seconds. During this 30-second wait, focus on your intentions and aspirations and what you want to manifest!

Additional Tips for Longevity and Removal

If, after application, you notice any stickiness around the tattoo, don’t worry, this happens occasionally. Simply wash off any residue with water. You can even use a little soap around the tattoo edges if needed. Rinse completely. And if your tattoo appears shiny at first, know this will wear off naturally within a few hours or so. You can also use a dab of baby powder to expedite the process.

When the time comes to remove your Conscious Ink, a little oil, lotion, or hand sanitizer with a gentle rub is all you need. You can also use household tape to remove the tattoo. Just place tape firmly over the tattoo, and remove the tape along with the tattoo. Easy! The natural wear and tear your tattoo goes through are part of its life cycle, including some potential fading or minor imperfections.

If you need additional help for removing your temporary tattoos, you can check out our in-depth article here.

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In this guide, we've touched on everything from how to apply your Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoo for maximum longevity to how to easily remove a temporary tattoo when you're ready for a new one. So go ahead…wear your intentions proudly and let the manifesting begin!

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