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Ask and you shall receive Manifestation Tattoo

Ask and you shall receive Manifestation Tattoo

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What does an “Ask and You Shall Receive” tattoo mean?

The tattoo "Ask and You Shall Receive" embodies the power of intention and manifestation. It echoes the belief that when we articulate our desires to the universe, we set in motion the energy needed to manifest our dreams. It encourages us to voice our aspirations and hopes, understanding that when we express our needs and desires, we align ourselves with the potential to receive them. This tattoo is a subtle cue to remain mindful of the power of intention, reminding us that by seeking and believing, we pave the way for the universe to answer.


Fosters a positive mindset for manifestation, encourages proactive goal-setting and self-empowerment

Common Applications

Manifesting desires, seeking guidance from the universe