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Be Present Manifestation Tattoo

Be Present Manifestation Tattoo

  • Disrupts Negative SelfTalk image
    Disrupt Negative Self-Talk
  • Promotes Healthy Habits image
    Healthy Habits
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    Worry-Free Purchase
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    4.9 Stars
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Up to 3 week supply
Up to 10 week supply
(Ideal for forming new habits!)
What does a “Be Present” tattoo mean?

The "Be Present" tattoo is a poignant reminder to embrace the beauty of the current moment. It's a call to awareness, urging us to fully engage with our surroundings, thoughts, and emotions. It encourages a daily practice of appreciation, but with a specific focus on the richness found in being fully present in each passing moment. It prompts us to acknowledge the value of the present, recognizing it as a gift in itself, and a source of profound connection to life's unfolding tapestry.


Re-grounds, enhances joy, fosters a sense of inner calm, helps us release worries and focus on one thing at a time.

Common Applications

Feeling out of your body, incessant worry, rumination, nervousness.