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Semicolon Butterfly ("the story isn't over")

Semicolon Butterfly ("the story isn't over")

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What does a “Semicolon Butterfly” tattoo mean?

The ""Semicolon Butterfly"" tattoo is a symbol of resilience and transformation. The bold wings of the butterfly, adorned with a semicolon, speak of hope, renewal, and the continuation of a story that might have faced a pause but never reached its conclusion. This tattoo is a powerful reminder of the strength found in pushing forward. It’s a symbol of courage, signaling a commitment to mental health awareness and a celebration of those who have overcome or are still battling their internal battles. Like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, we too can undergo profound transformations, finding strength and beauty in our ongoing narrative.


Spurs a sense of possibility, uplifts the spirit and offers inspiration to carry on, emotional support, transformation.

Common Applications

Periods of transition, moving through grief, feelings of stagnation, depressive slumps.