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2 Powerful Affirmation Hacks

2 Powerful Affirmation Hacks

If you love affirmations, and find them helpful, great! 
If saying affirmations feels awkward, or you have not found them effective, you’re not alone. 
One reason that affirmations may not feel right is because you actually do not believe the affirmation. The affirmation is in conflict with a belief you have, so it doesn’t resonate within you at all.
For example, you may have the following affirmation, “I am healthy.” 
But if you feel, and believe, that you are unhealthy, your affirmation is in conflict with your belief.
So, what is one supposed to do?


The first Affirmation hack I can offer is instead of using an affirmation that doesn't resonate with you, come up with an affirmation that you actually DO believe, and that resonates deep within you.
So, to begin with, you may adjust your affirmation to something that really rings true...perhaps something like, “I love feeling healthy!” Has there been a time in your life when you did feel healthy, and it felt really good? If so, start there... because it’s actually true.
Say to yourself, “I love feeling healthy!” How does that feel?
Think about those times you felt healthy. Get in touch with those feelings. Walk around, move your body, perhaps even dance as you speak, or sing, your affirmation/truth, “I love feeling healthy!”. Notice how that feels in your body.
When you feel into your joy about feeling healthy, ask your body what actions and behaviors support you feeling healthy. Ask your body what it really wants and needs. You might be surprised at the answers that come to you.
Then, any time you may be feeling down, get back in touch with your affirmation that feels good to connect with!
If you have an affirmation that doesn’t ring true right off the bat...let’s say the affirmation is, “I am beautiful”, and you uncover a belief that doesn't support that affirmation, you can question the actual belief itself.
Where did you get this idea that you are not beautiful? From a parent? A friend? Society, at large? You can explore what your idea of beauty is, and where it came from. Do you have a belief that being beautiful is only physical? If so, you can question that idea, or any other notion that came up for you. Do you know anyone you find beautiful that may not be society’s idea of beauty? Well, if you find that person beautiful, can you shift your perspective and uncover the many different ways that you are indeed beautiful?
Another shift in perspective you can try is to look deeper beyond the surface…to the depths of your soul, in fact. Can you get in touch with your soul, and feel into how beautiful you are from a soul perspective?
If you’ve been successful at changing your belief, and are now able to see the many different ways you are beautiful, then the affirmation of “I am beautiful” will now resonate with you. And you can really feel into, and enjoy, that affirmation, as it is. I invite you to declare your affirmation out loud, as you move your body in fun, feel-good ways.
I hope you enjoyed these affirmation hacks.
Happy affirming to you!
Frank Gjata
Founder Conscious Ink


I love how positive I feel just reading the wisdom and guidance of Frank’s Hack Thank you!

Beautiful! Thank you!!

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