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Dropping Shame

Dropping Shame

Wizard of Wizardry at Conscious Ink
If a perfect person doesn't exist, and mistakes are how we grow and learn, how did we get to this place where our world is so full of shame?
I'm not sure if that question is solvable, to be honest. But. what I am sure of is that we all deserve to drop that burden of shame and walk lighter on this journey.
So how do we do that?
1.) Identify the source of the shame. Where does our shame stem from? Personal insecurities? Secrets? Mistakes and/or perceived flaws? These can all trigger shame responses, causing us to become extremely self-conscious, self-critical, and embarrassed.
2.) Acceptance. Accept that we are not perfect and neither is anyone else. Mistakes do not define us and in fact, it's just how we DO life. We mess up to learn. 
3.) Challenge our thoughts. Are they true? Are we inadequate? Are we stupid? If we are all imperfect,  on this magical rock floating through space, why are we allowing ourselves to feel less than others?
4.) Forgive Ourselves. We are all doing the best we can with what we have. Forgiving ourselves for mistakes should be as normalized as breathing. We are human and are fumbling through this whole experience.
5.) Start acknowledging our value. Find the value in our contributions, our thoughts, our presence, and surround ourselves with those that value us and don't break us down. Picking up a hobby or some activity to help build your confidence will help as well.

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