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Inspirational Tattoos for Women: More Than Meets the Eye

Inspirational Tattoos for Women: More Than Meets the Eye

As women in this world, we face many challenges day to day. There is pressure from the media to act and dress a certain way, stresses in the work place to perform well next to our co-workers, and let’s not forget that little voice in the back of our heads telling us we can always be better, prettier, skinnier, and smarter. Ladies, surround yourselves with positive messages and soon your thoughts will start to mimic them. Here are three reasons why our Manifestation tattoos can help feed your thoughts with positive vibes:

1) You choose the encouragement you need in that moment: Every morning is an opportunity to wake up and create a new fresh start for yourself. Each day comes with its own new set of challenges. Your mind may yearn for different encouragements for each separate mountain you have to climb. Dig deep. What do you need to hear and be reminded of right now? Find a tat that says just the right thing and put it on. Let that be a constant reminder that you can accomplish whatever task you are up against that day. Whatever the moment. Whatever the feeling. Find a tat that can encourage you in that season.

2) Connecting your mind with your body: Trust us, we know just how busy life can be. You wear many different hats, whether you are a mom, sister, wife, friend, co-worker, employee, or mentor… you are being stretched in 10 different directions all at once. Here’s an opportunity to slow down (…even just for 60 seconds as you wait for your tattoo to set (; ). Allow that small snippet of time to be a moment of meditation focused on the bigger meaning behind your new ink. Take deep breathes in and deep breathes out. Allow your mind to focus on just that one thing. With your new ink comes a new and a refreshed mindset.

3) Share the love with other women: You‘ve chosen the encouragement you need today. You’ve taken 60 seconds to meditate on its meaning as you apply it. <em>Now it's time to spread your manifestation with others in need! This is your opportunity to inspire other women with what you’ve just experienced. Don’t hold those positive vibes in! The encouragement on your arm is a perfect conversation starter that could lead to brightening someone else’s day. Let this be a chance to impact another life that so desperately needs your light. :)

With so many inspirational tattoos for women to choose from, we thought we would help you out by sharing our top 5 favorites:

Be Present

You Are Worthy

Be Free



C'mon ladies… today is your day! Get inspired, get out there, and start spreading the love! :) Fine more online at our Conscious Ink Store!

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